Welcome to SquidUtils - the place to find complementry utilities and tools for your Lenses on Squidoo. Here you can see all of your lenses and groups, with shortcuts to some of the most vital functions not included on your usual dashboard. If you are an Amazon Associate, then there are some exciting tools here that will spice up your lenses, and earn you more money from them.
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Lensmaster Tools
Advanced Dashboard - see all of your lenses and groups, with many different sort options. From here you can access the lens workshop, stats and other features quickly and easily.
Lensmaster RSS Feeds - export your lenses, groups or SquidCasts to other websites.
Tools for Lens Building
Workshop Addon - enhance your Lens Workshop: built-in ping and color coded tags, integrated links to other tools, as well as better support for managing your groups.
Table Generator - convert any set of data into HTML code that is compatible with Squidoo.
Ebay RSS Feeds - if you're a member of the Ebay Partner Network, then this tool will generate RSS feeds of auctions for your lens.
Tools for Amazon Associates
Amazon Product Links - similar to Amazon's own product links, but fully compatible with Squidoo lenses. Available in two sizes with images and prices, with support for UK Associates too.
Amazon Poster Ads - Bold 'call to action' ads that feature the product's image, title and price. Automatically generated and available in 2 sizes.
Amazon RSS Feeds - get a dynamically updating list of products from any category or list, with the option to include images, prices and descriptions as well as a compact grid format.
Link Error Report - check to see if any of your Amazon links are broken, and on which lenses.
Detailed Link Stats - registered users can see exactly which lenses are getting visitors and clicks on the Amazon Links and RSS Feeds.
Tools for Squidoo Lenses
Ping Your Lens - tell the search engines and other blogging sites about your newest lens.
External Backlinks - find out which other websites are linking to your lens.
Health Check - is your lens healthy? This tool highlights some of the most commonly made mistakes and tells you how to fix them.

Other Great Resources
Squidoo Chat Room - chat with other Squids, swap tips and get help with your lenses.
Squidoo Dashboard Extension - another superb Firefox extension to make your Squidoo Dashboard more useful.
Directories for Lenses
Here are some of the best Squidoo directories:

- SquidUtils
- Lensroll
- SquiDirectory
- Squidoo Kingdom
- SquidUp!
- LensLike
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