SquidUtils is a collection of Tools and Utilities for developed by thefluffanutta specifically for use by Squidoo Lensmasters.
This website is not owned by or affiliated with Squidoo.com or SquidU.com, and the tools here are not officially endorsed. However, Squidoo HQ has been consulted before the launch of this website, and has consented to SquidUtils use of Lensmaster information.

Terms and Conditions

Advanced Dashboard and Lensmaster Feeds - you are only permitted to use these tools with your own Lensmaster account. It is not permisible to use these tools with other Lensmaster accounts.
Amazon Tools are only provided only for use on Squidoo lenses. The links provided must be kept as is, and not changed. While it is possible to use the generated HTML and RSS Feeds elsewhere, there is not warranty or guarantee that these will work correctly, or continue to be supported in the future.

Privacy Policy

By logging in with your Lensmaster ID, you agree to allow your lenses to occasionally appear on this website. The data gathered about your Squidoo lenses will be used to build a table of Top Lensmasters, in which you might appear. Your lenses may also be featured on the Squidoo Directory.
SquidUtils will only collect data from Squidoo that is already published in the public domain, namely the list of lenses by a Lensmaster. Your favorite lenses will only be visible on SquidUtils if you have enabled them to be shared publicly in your Squidoo profile.
If you do not wish to have your details to appear on this website, the please request to have them removed using this contact form. Once removed, your Lensmaster name will not appear anywhere on the site, and no one will be able to access your lens profiles via the dashboard or the RSS feeds.