Do Your Amazon Links Still Work?

The Amazon Link Error Report alerts you when your lenses have Amazon Links that have been changed or deleted. It will also tell you which lenses these links are on, so you can then go to your workshop and fix them. All you need to do is login, and look out for the warning message on your Advanced Dashboard. If you see it, there will be a link which will take you to the detailed report.

When you look at your lens, any broken links will have the text Not Available where the price normally is. Sometimes the links will actually still work, as Amazon redirects the visitor to the correct page, but you’ll want to update the code for that link so that the correct price appears. Sometimes the item is simply deleted, and Amazon will display an error page. The link error report will distinguish between these two scenarios.

Depending how much traffic your lenses get, it might be a few days before any problems get spotted. When you fix the links on your lens, the error message should eventually disappear from the report.

Lensmasters that only use the Amazon modules that Squidoo provide will not see this – only those who embed their own affiliate links will be able to access this report. See the previous post “Being an Amazon Associate on Squidoo” to learn more about the Amazon Link Generator tool.

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