Being an Amazon Associate on Squidoo

The great thing about Squidoo is that you can sell Amazon products on your lens, without needing to sign up as an Amazon Associate first. There are 4 great Amazon modules that you can add to your lens. Squidoo handles all of that on your behalf, gets the maximum commission rate, and splits the revenue with you 50/50; this means about 4.25% for most products. This is perfect for Lensmasters who are new to affiliate marketing, and helps them learn the basics.

Now, if you’re already an Amazon Associate, you can put your own affiliate links onto your lenses, and potentially earn more revenue. The basic rate for an associate is 4%, which is no better than what you would get if you used the Squidoo modules instead. However, if you can sell just 7 items in a month, you commission will go up to 6%! The more items you can sell, the more revenue you will make.

So, how do you add your own affiliate links? Well, here at, there’s a special tool just for Lensmasters: the Amazon Affiliate Link Generator.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This tool will create some HTML code for any product on Amazon (both US and UK), which you can then paste into a Text/Write module on your lens. An example is shown on the right – notice how this text wraps around the link. You can choose which side the image floats on, and there are two sizes available.

The price of the product is displayed in the link, and will be automatically updated whenever it changes. If you prefer to use text-only links, then these are also provided.

For more information about using this tool, visit the lens on creating Amazon Links – it has step-by-step instructions on how to use it, as well as an excellent tutorial video by Tiffany Dow.

There is also a tool for generating Amazon RSS Feeds, which is explained on it’s own lens, and I will write about another day.

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