New Tools for Amazon Associates

I’ve writen about the advantages of being an Amazon Associate on Squidoo before, and it is still my favourite affiliate program for making money from lenses. If you’ve not seen the tools I’ve created for Amazon, then check out that post to catch up.

For Lensmasters that do already put affiliate links on their lens, here are two new tools to help improve click-through rates and sales. First up, is the large “poster style” banner ad for any product you want to promote, with a bold call-to-action:

Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing out of Sync?

- Automatically generated from Amazon ASIN codes
- Automatically updated daily (to comply with Amazon’s rules)
- Display’s product image, rating, price, % savings, and free shipping *
- Ready-to-Copy HTML and free hosting of images
- Track all your impressions and clicks (optional)

Here’s how it works: You provide an ASIN (or ISBN) and your Associate Tag, and press the button. It will then get the information about that product direct from Amazon, and use that to build a poster ad for you. All the HTML you need will be provided, and all you need to do is copy-and-paste that onto your Squidoo lens.

The second tool will generate banner ads for categories on Amazon. Loosely based on the Carousel widget, these banners are fully compatible with Squidoo, and are optimised for the width of modules. Here’s an example (click for full size):

Here are the links to these new tools:
- Amazon Poster Ads
- Amazon Banner Ads

Have fun!

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