Squidoo Releases New Lens Workshop

Squidoo have overhauled their lens editor, and today released Workshop 2.0! The guys at HQ have done a wonderful job, and have really improved the lens editing experience. (You may need to click on a link in the top corner if you’re still getting the old dashboard.)

The first thing you’ll notice is that your lens looks pretty much the same as it does when it’s published. All the modules are the correct width and have the right font and colors. No more swapping between Edit and View to get your lens just so. Above each module is some subtle text telling you what type it is, and two small buttons to edit or delete it. Editing a module is pretty much as you are used to.

The next great innovations are in the side bar on the right; Add Modules and Reorder Modules. Click on the other sections in the sidebar to open them – the functionality is mostly the same as before (you’ll find the Category under Lens Settings).

To add a new module to your lens, simply click on the green plus icon next to the name, and press the Apply button. To add more than one module, keep clicking on the plus icons until you’ve got the right numbers in the squares. As you would expect, the minus icon will decrement the numbers.

To change the order of your modules, go to the Reorder Modules section and drag them up and down with the mouse. Once you’re happy with the layout, press the Apply button and the Workshop will reload with the new module order.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the Workshop Addon Script for Firefox has been updated to support the new Workshop, giving you quick access to the Ping Lens function as well as some other tools on SquidUtils. I’ve added one or two other surprises to this version too.

Update your script via the link above, or the link on your dashboard.


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