SquidUtils Directory – Showcasing YOUR Lenses

Featuring lenses from SquidooNestled at the back of SquidUtils.com is a lens directory, which features lenses in a hierarchy of categories and tags. What makes this directory different from others is that is grows automatically, including new lenses that it finds. Today it has a little over 23,000 lenses.

How does it work? Well, the key is in the Primary Tag. Whenever SquidUtils finds a group of lenses in the same category and with the same primary tag, it creates a page in the directory. For example, Harry Potter in Books.

A lot of lenses (over 90%) are not featured, often because they use the lens title as their primary tag but no other lenses do. Get your lenses featured by either picking a primary tag that is already featured, or by picking a new unique tag and adding it to 3 or more of your lenses.

To help you figure out the best primary tag to use, the Advanced Dashboard has a new feature – login and look up in the top right corner, and you’ll see a link that lets you sort by Primary Tag. You’ll be able to quickly see which lenses use the same tag, and which of those tags are featured in the directory.

Here are some examples:

1. Here are 4 lenses that are all about “Survivorman”, yet they each use a different Primary Tag. The gray next to each shows they are not in the directory. These would really benefit from having the same tag, e.g. “Survivorman”. If they did, then they would have green next to each of them.

2. In this example below, there are 5 completely different lenses, but each of them is using a tag that is featured in the directory, as indicated by the green s:

Watch out for primary tags that are too competitive – tags like ‘Squidoo’ or ‘Shopping’ have a huge number of lenses in them, and the Advanced Dashboard will highlight your lenses that use these tags with this warning symbol:

Not sure which primary tag would be best for a lens? Click on the symbol to the left of the lens title, and you’ll see something like the image below. It shows all of the tags on your lens, and highlights the ones that would be good as a primary tag. Sometimes this might require changing the category the lens is in, which will be noted in the Comments column.

You may also see some suggested tags underneath, a few of which you might want to add include on your lens. If you’re particularly interested in the SEO implications of the primary tag you choose, see my previous post about Squidoo Tag Pages.

Finally, once you’ve rearranged your lenses into the optimal Primary Tags, SquidUtils should automatically notice them with a day or so, and include them in the directory. You can give yourself a boost by bookmarking the pages that feature your lenses, on other directories, social networks, etc.

Have fun!

Update: There’s a thread on the SquidU.com forum that discusses optimising your primary tags in more detail, and includes a worked example to help clarify this theory.

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