The Best Lens Directories

Some of the best places to get backlinks to your lenses are directories. These are websites that collect and categorize links to other websites, and there are a growing number of directories specifically tailored to Squidoo Lenses.

I have been assessing the relative merits of these Squidoo directories, and I have put together this review of the best ones for your lenses. The ones I’ve listed here have been proven to provide backlinks, and will pass PageRank and maybe even a little traffic.

This is a traditional directory run by Lensmaster N376 that accepts links to Squidoo, HubPages, Gather, Associated Content and LaunchTags. You can pick up to 3 categories as well as a number of keywords (tags). All submissions are moderated, so check the submission guidelines before you add yours.

This is a moderated directory by Captain Squid. Lenses can be submited to one of a huge list of categories, plus you can write reviews for other peoples lenses. Reciprocal links are optional, but using the link provided could get your submission ranked higher when your visitors click on it. Related to this is the SquidPedia directory, also run by Captain Squid, which works in a similar way and will grow to be just as good.

Another lens directory run by N376, but this one is more like Digg, and is probably the oldest and biggest of all Squidoo directories. You submit a story about your lens, and other members can vote for it. If enough people like vote for your story, it will become ‘Published’, though this is not neccessary for getting backlinks.

SquidUtils Directory
Hosted here at SquidUtils, this directory automatically categorizes lenses by their Primary Tag. There is actually no way to submit a lens to it – just make sure it has a good Primary Tag. There are a couple caveats though: a tag must appear on 3 or more lenses before it will be included, and lenses must have at least 1 star rating. Newly created lenses will also make a brief appearence within their chosen category.

Honorable Mentions:

SquiDirectory - Recently revamped, this is moderated directory has plenty of categories to choose from.

Squidoo Kingdom – Based on a Digg-style social site like Lensroll, and has the same categories that Squidoo has.

New Directories – added Oct 8th, 2008

Squidig - Powered by Co-Rank, you can submit and vote for lenses.

Squiddit – Kinda similar to Reddit, but exclusively for Squidoo lenses.

Article Troll – Formerly an article directory, but recently converted to be for lenses.

There are a few other directories that are specifically for Squidoo lenses, but they are not yet up to standards of these ones. There are, of course, many hundreds of non-Squidoo directories out there on the Internet – it’s worth submitting your lenses to some of those as well, if you can find a suitable category.

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