The Final Blog Post

Well, here we are. The time has come. This is the end of the line.

Today’s the day when lenses start being transferred over to, leaving behind an empty shell that will only serve to redirect visitors to new URLs. Some Lensmasters may have opted to take their content elsewhere, while some will have abandoned their lenses long ago.

The end of Squidoo also means the end of SquidUtils, which has served Lensmasters since 2007. As all things Squidoo gradually winds down and servers get put out to pasture, here’s a quick overview of what’s going to happen here:

Lens Dashboard – your list of lenses is frozen as of September 1st, and will remain archived for a while even after Squidooo disappears for good. You can also get a list in RSS, text or HTML format on the Export page.

Bonus – SquidUtils will continue monitoring your old lenses, and detect when they get redirected. The exported lists above will then point directly to the new hubs, especially useful if you happened to submit your RSS feed to other websites.

Amazon – Unfortunately, HubPages won’t allowed the HTML code that SquidUtils provided for lenses, so those are probably going to disappear during the transfer. The Amazon capsule is the recommended way to add products to a hub, and the HubPages Amazon Program will give the highest rate of commission for most users.

SquidUtils will continue serving the images and the links for as long as they are needed, but it won’t be possible to create new ones. Amazon RSS feeds will also continue to be served, if HubPages includes them in the transfer.

eBay Feeds – if any feeds make it to HubPages then they will continue to be served, but it’s recommend that these are replaced with official ¬†eBay capsules as soon as possible.

Other Lens Optimisation and Workshop tools will also be deprecated, as they no longer serve purpose. HubPages has some very tools built in to their site, for example the Table capsule is excellent. This means the end of the Toolbar or Workshop Addon too.

And that is pretty much, as they say, “it”. I’d like to say a big Thank You to everyone who has supported the site over the years, and I wish you all success wherever the future takes you.

“May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face”


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