Do Your Amazon Links Still Work?

The Amazon Link Error Report alerts you when your lenses have Amazon Links that have been changed or deleted. It will also tell you which lenses these links are on, so you can then go to your workshop and fix them. All you need to do is login, and look out for the warning message on your Advanced Dashboard. If you see it, there will be a link which will take you to the detailed report.

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Being an Amazon Associate on Squidoo

The great thing about Squidoo is that you can sell Amazon products on your lens, without needing to sign up as an Amazon Associate first. There are 4 great Amazon modules that you can add to your lens. Squidoo handles all of that on your behalf, gets the maximum commission rate, and splits the revenue with you 50/50; this means about 4.25% for most products. This is perfect for Lensmasters who are new to affiliate marketing, and helps them learn the basics.

Now, if you’re already an Amazon Associate, you can put your own affiliate links onto your lenses, and potentially earn more revenue. The basic rate for an associate is 4%, which is no better than what you would get if you used the Squidoo modules instead. However, if you can sell just 7 items in a month, you commission will go up to 6%! The more items you can sell, the more revenue you will make.

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