Google Analytics comes to Squidoo!

Here is some news that is sure to delight all you stats junkies: Squidoo integrates Google Analytics for Lensmasters. By this I mean properly integrated, with all that yummy Javascript goodness that we haven’t had until now. Why is this so exciting? Well, for two main reasons:

  1. There’s a single place on set it up, and it automatically appears on all lenses (as well as your profile, trophies and other pages).
  2. You get the full set of available statistics, much more than with the old image based trackers, including: search engines, keywords, referrers, bounce rates, length of visit, click events and much much more.

For more information about this, read How to Track Lenses with Google Analytics. There is also some additional tips on how to get the most out of GA, and how to interpret the results.

Now for some specific advice for Lensmasters looking to transition their stats:

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Statistics for Your Amazon Links

This tool is for anyone who uses the Amazon Links or RSS Feeds provided by SquidUtils (read the introduction to these tools for more info), and it will show you which lenses and products are getting the most views and clicks. In the run up to Christmas, this could be a valuable tool for fine tuning your lenses to maximise your profits.

» Check out these demo stats, featuring real data from actual lenses:
Amazon Link Stats Demo

Summary of Features:

  • see views and clicks for every lens that uses Amazon Links
  • see views and clicks for each product within a lens
  • sort the lenses by views, clicks or CTR
  • the data you see is live and instantenous
  • includes data for this month and last (retrospectively)

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