A Browser Toolbar for Squidoo Lensmasters

Social ToolbarThis news has already been leaked out via a few other blogs, so this post marks the official release of the SquidUtils Toolbar. It is available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox, on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This toolbar is designed to make the job of a Lensmaster easier, by putting some of the most used functions along the top of the browser.

Here are the four main features:

  • Notification of Lensrank updates
  • Instant switch between multiple accounts
  • All the social functions in one place ยป
  • Easy access to all the tools at SquidUtils

The toolbar had many other features as well, including quick links to all your lenses, groups and comments, a list of all the lens types you can build, plus a quick way to paste tags on to your lens.

All this and more is described here on the SquidUtils Toolbar lens.