How to Add a FanClub Counter

Squidoo Fan Club CounterBack in June 2008, I introduced the ‘FanClub Counter’ – an orange box that shows how many fans you have in your FanClub, linking back to your profile on Squidoo. An example is shown here ยป

You may have already seen this on other peoples lenses and profiles.
If you want to know how to add this to your own lenses, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Lensmaster Feeds page.
  2. Type in your Lensmaster name, and login.
    (this is your username, not your real name or email)
  3. Copy the HTML Code shown near the bottom.
  4. Go to your member profile, and edit your Default Bio.
  5. Paste the code where ever you like, and save it.
  6. The counter will now appear on your profile,
    and every lens that uses the default bio.

On lenses, only the first ~225 characters will be shown (not counting HTML tags), and everything after that those will be hidden behind a ‘More…’ button. So, bear this in mind when pasting in your FanClub Counter code…

(This is the first of many Quick Tips that I’ll be posting, with step-by-step instructions of how to use all the tools here at SquidUtils).

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