SquidUtils: The Story So far

Once upon a time, probably during April of 2007, I started making a few tools for Squidoo Lensmasters. I don’t know the exact date, but I figure that “2 years ago” is close enough.

The very first tool was the Lensmaster RSS Feed. I remember requesting this on the forum, but a month later I had given up waiting and built my own solution instead. Shortly afterwards, I shared this with other Lensmasters so that they too could get a feed of all their lenses – perfect for syndicating on a blog or directory.

Since then, the RSS Feed has been improved and made more widely available, and is now served directly from Squidoo HQ. Find out how you can make use of yours by reading How to Use Your Lensmaster Feed.

That was just the beginning…

About that same time, I had signed up with Amazon as an Associate. While you don’t need to be an Associate to make money with Squidoo, I was enjoying the flexility of having product links embeded within my text. This was fine until Squidoo removed support for IFrames in July (and with good reason too).

Suddenly I wasn’t able to use Amazon’s code on my lenses, so I had to come up with something that was compatible. This saw the birth of the Amazon Link tool, and later the Amazon RSS Feeds – both of these provided a way for Associates to feature products directly on a lens. Learn more about Being an Amazon Associate on Squidoo.

All of this time, I had been serving these tools from my personal website, which wasn’t easy to find. So, on the 1st of August 2007, I registered the domain SquidUtils.com, and transfered all of the tools across to a new web site. This was probably when the Advanced Dashboard was introduced too.

Fast forward to April of 2008, and I finally gave in to the idea of a blog and wrote my first post (ever). This would be where I would write about the tools on the site, as well as other lens building tips. A few months later I was forced to migrate to a dedicated server to keep up with all the demand, and to provide a more reliable service.

Since then, SquidUtils has seen the addition of a lens directory, some new tools, as well as a browser toolbar, to make life even easier for Lensmasters. Along the way there have been some collaborative projects such as Squidaholic and the Health Check Tool.

Anyway, there is the brief history of SquidUtils. Thanks to everyone who has supported the site, and provided me with the inspiration to keep it alive.¬†Hopefully, with any luck and a fair dollop of free time, I’ll be making some more tools to add to the list.

I’ve already got a couple things up my sleeve.

Stay tuned…



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