How to Use Your Lensmaster Feed

One of the oldest tools here at SquidUtils is the Lensmaster Feeds. These are RSS Feeds that contain links to all of your lenses (or groups). These are perfect for syndicating – which will result in many websites linking directly to your lenses. And the great thing is, as you build new lenses, they will automatically appear on all the sites that are publishing your feed.

If you are a frequent user of these feeds, you may notice that your primary Lensmaster feed is now provided directly by Squidoo, and not from SquidUtils any more. But don’t worry, all of your links to the old feeds will be redirected, and all previous syndications will continue to work.

There are also a few new feeds available, available from the same page. For example, you can now get a list of all your lenses within a specific category, or containing a certain keyword. If you have a bunch of lenses all about the same topic, then syndicating these feeds instead will probably be a good idea.

If you have a blog, or a profile on a Social Network (e.g. Facebook), you can of course use these feeds to show off your lenses on there as well. You can get a feed of all your SquidCasts too.

To learn more about where you can syndicate your lenses, and the benefits of doing so, visit the lens “How To Get Deep Links with RSS Feeds“. (Updated October 2008)

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