Welcome to the SquidUtils Blog

First of all, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I joined Squidoo in September of 2006, and I’ve build a few lenses in that time, which I have showcased in my Lensography. I think that Squidoo is a fabulous platform, and I have been contributing my bit to its development, as well as creating separate tools on my own website, SquidUtils.com.

On this blog I will show you how to use the various tools that are available, and also share some of the tips that I have picked up in the last 18 months. Until now, I’ve never had anything interesting to write about. Whenever I have had something to say, I would post it to the SquidU forum. Now that I have (finally) setup this blog, I’ll be re-posting and updating some of my previous material, as well as adding new information for Squidoo Lensmasters.

To kick things off, here’s a quick overview of what you can find at SquidUtils:

Advanced Dashboard
» organise your lenses and get quick access to editing, stats, ping and bookmarking.

Lensmaster RSS Feeds
» get a list of your Lenses, Groups, Favorites or SquidCasts; perfect for syndicating for instant backlinks.

Backlink Checker
» this tool will show links to your lens, according to Yahoo!, grouped by domain.

Ping Your Lens
» whenever you create a new lens, announce it to the blogosphere with a ping.

Search Squidoo
» powered by Google, this will let you find lenses and groups, without the clutter of topics or tags.

Amazon Links
» this generates code that looks similar to what you get from Amazon Associates, but is compatible with your lens.

Amazon RSS Feeds
» get a dynamically updating list of products, for any category, list or ASIN.

I’ll tell you more about these tools in the future. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here.


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