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1. Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah
Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah
No, this story isn't about a girl who lost one of her glass slippers in a ball. But yes, this is a story of a young girl who was deprived of love by her stepmother and her children, and, sadly, even by her own father and siblings. Chinese Cinderella is a true story of the first few years of the ...
Books, Poetry & Writing - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 17:15:57
2. La Corda D'Oro
This series is one of my favorite anime, along with Romeo X Juliet, both of which tops my list. Believe it or not, this series is actually one of the huge factors why I'm playing the violin now. Quite incredulous? I think not. For as far as my knowledge would bring me, and as far as I've read in ...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Oct 2010 12:30:24
3. A Word About Greek Mythology
"The bud was plucked before the flower bloomed." Isn't that well said? Why, of course, it was Orpheus who uttered it, after all. (I mean, sung. He sung it to Hades, anyway.) Perhaps, you might deem that to write something about Greek Mythology isn't fresh and unique, but I tell you, I cannot hel...
books-poetry-writing - Thu, 30 Sep 2010 11:30:24
4. Gail Carson Levine
(UNDER CONSTRUCTION) So who is Gail Carson Levine? She is the author of several books, most of which are bestsellers. Her stories are unique, spellbinding and easy to grasp. It were, after all, intended for children and teenagers alike. I love the themes of her story, which are mostly magic, fant...
culture-and-society - Tue, 02 Nov 2010 10:48:29
5. The Wish, Gail Carson Levine
Again, Levine has produced another stunning book. I found it while taking a random stroll on a book fair and when I caught a glimpse of Levine's name on the cover, I then bought the book without further ado. The Wish is a modern fairy tale and, indeed, it captured my fancy and attention. It's ab...
books-poetry-writing - Thu, 21 Oct 2010 04:47:51
6. The Best Play Ever
Yes, this is the best play ever. It was, after all, written by William Shakespeare, so what would you expect? I often heard Romeo and Juliet as a child, and often wondered who they were, and why almost everyone knows them. Fortunately, I happened to read it during the first year of my teens, and ...
arts-and-design - Sun, 17 Oct 2010 06:43:19
7. Ever, by Gail Carson Levine
Have you read the said book by the Newbery Honor author Gail Carson Levine? It's simply unique and spectacular, not to mention, enchanting. Levine said that she based it in ancient Mesopotamia-- the cradle of civilization. So, basically, the right and proper word, or genre, for the book is Histor...
books-poetry-writing - Tue, 05 Oct 2010 13:19:41
8. Fairy Tale Fever
Who told you that fairy tales are only for children? Right. You might well say that I'm nothing but a mere teenage girl with a childish, juvenile, immature (or any other word that could suffice your preference) mind, but, the fairy tales that I'm about to share are a bit different, I suppose. An...
books-poetry-writing - Sun, 03 Oct 2010 13:11:50
9. The Best Japanese Song Ever
(Under Construction. ;D) I've heard this a few seconds after playing the first episode of the anime series, Romeo X Juliet, and since then this spectacular song has been my favorite J-pop and Anime OST. Immediately after watching, I searched the lyrics on the web, and before long, I've always bee...
Music - Tue, 02 Nov 2010 14:12:49
10. Romeo X Juliet
--------UNDER CONSTRUCTION-------- A certain anime becomes my favorite-- or in the proper sense of word, most preferred-- when it has the ability to draw a bucket of tears from my eyes. And that anime is no other than Romeo X Juliet. Thus, the said series is my favorite (along with La Corda D'Oro).
Entertainment - Tue, 02 Nov 2010 15:22:38

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