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1. How to Start and Build a Successful Sports Private Coaching & Training Business
Over the last decade, I've built a highly successful sports coaching business. The business has two main revenue streams: - Private coaching fees - Revenue from sports websites I know the sports coaching business, and the web business inside and out. I've spend hundreds of hours building this b...
Sports & Recreation - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 07:03:22
2. Basketball Drills to Improve Your Game
To improve as a basketball player, you have to practice and play against good competition.  You also have to work on your game through individual workouts and training (such as shooting practice). Check out our pages on Twitter and Facebook: Twitter Facebook We've put together some basketba...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 20:18:23
3. Basketball Post Play - Become a force inside the paint
We've put this lens together (we're just in the beginning stages) to help power forwards and post players become better players. We'll fill this lens with great playing tips, drills, and other professional-level secrets so you can play at your best. Playing inside the paint requires t...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 29 Aug 2010 04:26:48
4. Basketball Training - the Ultimate Guide
If you're a basketball player looking to improve your game, you've come to the right spot. We've gathered all the information you'll need to find the websites, training information, DVDs, Squidoo lenses...everything we've found to help you get the information you need to take ...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 21:16:34
5. All Basketball: the Guide to Everything Related to Basketball
Training info, websites, news...we've put together a comprehensive listing of information related to the game of basketball. We're your one-stop source of basketball information on the Web.There are so many websites, with so much information, sometimes it can be overwhelming. So we decide...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 27 Nov 2009 20:21:57
6. Girl's Basketball - Training Info and Internet Resources
If it has to do with girl's or women's basketball, this lens will have it all.Girl's and women's basketball is bigger today than ever.  And we're going to put together a lens to cover all angles of the game.Check out our girl's basketball site.  It's packed with great playing tips, articles, and ...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 30 Jul 2009 20:27:51

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