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1. 3 Art Lighting Tips for the Holidays
3 Art Lighting Tips for the Holidays
Not many Thanksgiving gatherings look like Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" from 1945. You may have a Hawaiian-style feast with terriyaki turkey and a side of white rice. Maybe you are a modern family and your teen son insists on doing all the cooking. Lucky you! This lens will help you get...
Holidays & Celebrations - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:13:22
2. Brilliant Outdoors
Brilliant Outdoors
Outdoor lighting today has reached an unparalleled artistic quality and is more exciting than ever. Outdoor landscape lighting is about painting a picture of your home at night and using lights to achieve your dream home. Properly placed and designed outdoor lighting offers a scenic and dramatize...
Home & Garden - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:01:07
3. Children's Lighting Safety Tips: Kids' Bedrooms and Home Decor Lighting
Children's Lighting Safety Tips: Kids' Bedrooms and Home Decor Lighting
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this month that the unemployment rate is 9.1%. In its report on household survey data 14.0 million individuals are unemployed. The unemployment rate for adult men is 8.8%. The unemployment rate for adult women seeking work is 8.1%. The long-term unempl...
Home & Garden - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:01:57
4. DIY Fiber Optic Curtain
DIY Fiber Optic Curtain
Have you considered creating a reusable curtain with fiber optics typically used for ceilings for home theaters? This curtain can be used to create a private space for meditation or an elaborate backdrop for entertainment. The creative possibilities are infinite. Lazarus Lighting is one manufactu...
Arts & Design - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:14:27
5. Go Green with Energy Efficient Lighting
Go Green with Energy Efficient Lighting
Installing low voltage, fluorescent, and LED lights are all great ways to incorporate environmentally, energy saving fixtures in your contemporary home decor. These light fixtures will save you money on your electric bill, and over time will help you limit your impact on the environment. Energy ...
Home & Garden - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:13:22
6. Stargazing with Kids: Light Pollution Report for 2012
What's the problem? You might want to do star gazing from your yard on on the sidewalk through a telescope. But you can't see because of the glare of city lights. This is mild light pollution. When a driver is blinded by the glare of a porch light and collides into a pedestrian, this is an exampl...
home-and-garden - Tue, 13 Dec 2011 23:19:59
7. Family-friendly Green Living for the New Year
Maybe you already purchase recycled paper cosmetic bags recommended by Heidi Klum. Perhaps your husband already wears jeans that are made of organic cotton. Your children set the holiday table with place cards made out of seedpaper. Your family's lifestyle is as green as possible short of living ...
healthy-living - Fri, 18 Nov 2011 19:44:10
8. Alternatives to the Turkey Sandwich: The Week After Thanksgiving
My mom, Jackie, is one of my interior design influences. More accurately, she promoted, "Auntie Mame" as a life philosophy. Although her home decor is not as outre as the eccentric widow, she does like some funkiness in her home. Mostly, she expresses her funky style in her kitchen and dining ro...
food-and-cooking - Mon, 07 Nov 2011 21:06:54
9. Dark Sky Compliance Defined. Can a Starry Night be Saved?
Dark Sky compliance is a great way to use energy efficient lighting to brighten the outdoors without contributing to light pollution. Environmentalists and astronomers alike agree that light pollution is consuming too much energy and blocking out the brilliance of the heavens, but Dark Sky compli...
home-and-garden - Mon, 24 Oct 2011 17:36:27
10. Top 6 Architectural Lighting Brands for the Modern Home
With the Dallas Market Center's International Lighting Show just wrapping up (June 23-26, 2011), architectural lighting has obviously become the latest trend in home design. Modern dcor calls for illumination that is energy efficient (LED, fluorescent, low voltage fixtures) and effective (Dark Sk...
home-and-garden - Tue, 28 Jun 2011 18:58:36
11. Recessed Lighting | Light Fixtures of Refinement
The creative possibilities of recessed lighting are endless. Perfect for home, office, and commercial settings, recessed light fixtures are subtle and modern. Line voltage, low voltage, LED lights, and fluorescent lighting are all possible recessed fixture options that mesh well with contemporary...
arts-and-design - Sat, 07 May 2011 00:31:28
12. LED Lights | The Lighting Possibilities Abound
LED lights are developing in a big way, and not just in the lighting industry, but in fashion, science and art as well. The future of LED lighting is boundless, as designers are constantly inventing new ways to showcase the value and function of LED lighting. From theme parks to underwear to norm...
arts-and-design - Tue, 03 May 2011 00:00:22
13. Moxie and Ceiling Lights
The latest lighting family from Kichler Lighting, Moxie features contemporary designs. Chandeliers, wall lights and pendant lights perfect for a modern kitchen. Read more on the blog at: http://blog.affordablelamps.com/2011/03/28/show-off-your-moxie-with-this-family-from-kichler-lighting/
arts-and-design - Mon, 28 Mar 2011 23:48:55
14. Quoizel Lighting Tobago Pendant Light
Quoizel Lighting Tobago Pendant Light
Taking its cue from the Caribbean Islands, Quoizel Lighting's Tobago pendant features a contemporary, yet rustic style. So make your bungalow shine with Tobago! Like a fresh breeze from the ocean, this ceiling light fixture is a fun way to liven up your living or bedroom.
Home & Garden - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:01:11
15. Shine with Besa Lightings Outdoor Scala Wall Sconce
Perfectly professional, Besa Lighting's latest outdoor wall light fixture, Scala 20 Sconce, is just right for any contemporary business or office outdoor light. Give your home or office a face lift and attract more customers with a beacon of class and contemporary style.
home-and-garden - Tue, 22 Mar 2011 22:09:32
16. Hinkley Lighting Introduces Piedmont Family Lights
Hinkley Lighting introduces the Piedmont family of chandeliers and wall sconces. A wonderful blend of old and new, these contemporary light fixtures are a must! The simple, round design of the Piedmont family's stems is elegant and contemporary without losing the reference to a castle lifestyle. ...
home-and-garden - Wed, 16 Mar 2011 00:26:52
17. Nautical Home Decor for the Winter Holidays
If the Pilgrims had oysters for their Thanksgiving meal, why can't your winter holidays be by the sea? If you don't live by the coast, you can bring coastal living indoors with the right marine accents.
home-and-garden - Tue, 06 Dec 2011 22:12:18
18. Stylish Ways to Divide a Room for the New Year
Considering changes to your home and lifestyle in anticipation of the new year? Starting the first week of December is not too early. Most transformations take about three weeks. You can make a new healthy habit stick. You can also give your apartment a whole new look in that period. Sonneman Lig...
home-and-garden - Wed, 30 Nov 2011 20:55:11
19. 3 Lesser Known Styles of Dining Lights
Did you know that once you move out of your apartment into your first home you are not required to buy a traditional chandelier for your dining room? Yes, it's true. First, this guide will tell you about three types of ceiling lighting. There are more styles but this lens will focus on Craftsman,...
home-and-garden - Fri, 18 Nov 2011 23:54:08
20. Contemporary Flush Mount Ceiling Lights
A sleek new ceiling light from Besa Lighting, the Mira handcrafted glass flush mount ceiling fixture is a wonderful new addition to any contemporary home decor. Check out www.affordablelamps.com for even more fixtures!
arts-and-design - Mon, 28 Mar 2011 23:43:22
21. Hubbardton Forge Lighting Family Makes the Outdoors Glow
Hubbardton Forge has designed a chic new set of contemporary outdoor wall light fixtures called Mosaic. Commercial outdoor lighting has never shined so bright. These contemporary style lights are perfect for any business and would look stunning on an auditorium, concert hall, or opera house.
home-and-garden - Fri, 25 Mar 2011 20:04:20
22. Craftsman Style Outdoor Lighting
Forecast Lighting's latest outdoor lighting family, Telluride glows with a craftsman style design. The outdoor wall light and lamp post pay homage to nature. If you're looking to keep the Big Bad Wolf away at night, these outdoor lighting fixtures are the way to go!
home-and-garden - Wed, 27 Jul 2011 22:25:24
23. 3 Magnificient Restaurant Lighting Fixtures
Why do you dine out at restaurant rather than stay home? The kitchen staff, menu and wine list play a role. Wouldn't you agree that the cleanliness, decor and atmosphere are important too?
food-and-cooking - Thu, 24 Nov 2011 00:27:55

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