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1. Back to Basics with Barbie Basics
Back to Basics with Barbie Basics
Many modern doll collectors find customizing and personalizing their doll collections more rewarding than simply leaving the dolls permanently in their boxes. Customized dolls may have their hair re-styled or replaced, faces re-painted, fashions replaced, sometimes even whole bodies replaced. Col...
Hobbies, Games & Toys - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 04:05:46
2. Review of My Favorite Barbie 1959 Number 1 Doll
The My Favorite Barbie reproduction doll line was started in 2009 to commemorate Barbie Doll's 50th anniversary. The first doll in the series is a #1 ponytail reproduction, packed with the fashion "Solo in the Spotlight." Mattel has reproduced the #1 doll several times in the past, and this may ...
hobbies-games-toys - Fri, 10 Jun 2011 06:46:55
3. Barbie SIS So in Style Checklist
It's getting a bit hard to keep up with all the So in Style releases, with almost 50 S.I.S. dolls released over three years. Here's a handy checklist, with product numbers. This page was last Updated 05/29/11.
hobbies-games-toys - Sun, 29 May 2011 06:50:39
4. Barbie Themed Music Videos
After 51 years, it's to be expected that Barbie has inspired some music videos. Most of these are spin-offs of Aqua's 1997 release, "Barbie Girl." Though Mattel initially frowned on the song, it embraced it 12 years later, albeit in a censored version.
Entertainment - Wed, 04 May 2011 00:58:42
5. Where to Buy Takara Jenny
Tracking down Jenny dolls can be fun or frustrating. There are many dolls to choose from, and many online shops that carry them, but most stores only have a few dolls in stock. This is a list of stores that carry Jenny dolls, and will ship to the US. I did my best to compile it, but I may have m...
hobbies-games-toys - Thu, 31 Mar 2011 01:36:07
6. Review of Barbie Sisters Barbie and Stacie Two Pack
These two Barbie family two-doll packs feature Barbie and Stacie, and Skipper with Chelsea. Chelsea was formerly called Kelly. Stacie and Skipper have all new bodies, different from the 2009 Camping family packs.
hobbies-games-toys - Mon, 03 Jan 2011 21:08:43
7. Vintage Barbie Doll Commercials
Original ads for vintage Barbie dolls offer a great glimpse into the past. What a treat it is to see vintage dolls displayed creatively, with no hints of age related deterioration.
hobbies-games-toys - Sun, 02 Jan 2011 18:31:46
8. Determining the Condition of Vintage Barbie
Every vintage toy collector will tell you that condition is everything when determining the value of an item, but when it comes to vintage Barbie, the factors can seem almost arbitrary to non-collectors. Here is a quick breakdown of common deterioration issues. My favorite guides to what a Barb...
hobbies-games-toys - Sun, 02 Jan 2011 18:31:22
9. The Return of Superstar Barbie
In 1977, Barbie received her forth big makeover. This was the release of the Superstar Barbie head mold, featuring an even larger toothy grin than the earlier Malibu Barbie. The head continued to be used through the late 1990s, when the Mackie and Generation Girl head started to take its place. ...
hobbies-games-toys - Sun, 02 Jan 2011 18:31:04
10. Kyoko Fukada Models as Jenny for Takaratomy
Kyoko Fukada, a singer and actor best known in the west for her role as Momoko in the 2004 movie Kamikaze Girls/Shimotsuma Monogatari, appeared at a Takaratomy-sponsored Jenny fashion show, dressed as the latest edition of the popular doll. Kyoko said it was like a dream to dress as the beloved ...
hobbies-games-toys - Sun, 02 Jan 2011 18:30:58
11. Ten Tips to Avoid Closet Mayhem
I've shuffled through more than my fair share of garbage clothes and clutter so far in life. Here are my suggestions for how to avoid a messy, overflowing wardrobe or closet.
home-and-garden - Sun, 02 Jan 2011 18:30:56

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