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1. Top 10 Funniest Cyanide and Happiness Comics
Top 10 Funniest Cyanide and Happiness Comics
Ever tried to find a website that creates daily comics that are one funnier than the other? Here's one that you will surely enjoy: Cyanide and happiness. Every day, an artist adds a comic strip with very ironic comedy. Beware some comics are not for all ages. In the following lens, I picked some...
Entertainment & Media - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 21:05:11
2. My favorite Broadway plays and Musicals
My favorite Broadway plays and Musicals
I've seen a couple of Broadway plays and musicals. I love going to see them it truly is an art piece. Although, sometimes the prices excessive, it usually is completely worth it. Like in the title of the intro, one of the best singers of all time, Julie Andrews more known as Maria in the Sound of...
Music - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 09:12:23
3. Signs that you are in love
Signs that you are in love
Have you ever ask yourself; is this love? Love is so complicated, you can think you are in love but you actually just have a crush on him/her. The best indication is knowing yourself first and foremost. You have to know yourself perfectly, from head to toe. Nobody could really tell you how you fe...
Relationships & Family - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 09:10:46
4. All time favortie songs
All time favortie songs
Music is an art form that sometimes transmits messages better than anything else. Whether it's to stop a war, stop racism, falling in love, protecting the environment or anything else, it will get its message across. The main reason I listen to music is to feel it run through my veins. So many s...
Music - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:42:13
5. Great savings for technological Christmas gifts
Great savings for technological Christmas gifts
Technological gifts are becoming the most popular items on Christmas lists. Kids, teenagers, adults, they all love that top of the notch technology. The bad side is that these items are of a less accessible budget altough some deals are really worth it. Through this lens you will discover some c...
Holidays & Celebrations - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:43:19
6. Best cupcakes you'll ever eat!
Best cupcakes you'll ever eat!
Cupcakes are getting more and more popular simply because they are pretty easy to make and are easily shared. More and more people consider cupcakes as an art form. You could be so original when making cupcakes because there is litteraly, an infinite amount of icing recipes and decorating them bu...
Food & Cooking - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:43:19
7. Christmas, Christmas and Christmas
Christmas, Christmas and Christmas
I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, it is a time of great festivities. I wish you all health, success and love! That's what Christmas is all about! This lens is basically just ALL about Christmas! Movies, songs, pictures, poems, EVERYTHING! Hope it will bring up some Chris...
Holidays & Celebrations - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:45:24
8. What you need to know about me
What you need to know about me
This is a page about me. Seems a little self-centered, no? Actually, I would say that i'm the complete opposite of self-centered. I care so much about everybody, that sometimes I forget about my own needs. Anyways, I'm someone with many dreams, very hard headed and a little emotional. One of the...
Squidoo Community - Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:45:23

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