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Here is the list of Squidoo lenses by Lensmaster MakeHotBeats,
shown with descriptions, pictures and topics.

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1. Dubstep Artist
Dubstep Artist
One of the fastest growing types of music in the world, Dubstep is a new form of electronic music that combines heavy bass with samples, synthesizer, keyboard, turntables and hard-hitting drum tracks. Dubstep originated in South London, but has quickly spread to other areas of Western Europe and...
Music - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 18:35:06
2. How To Toilet Train A Cat
How To Toilet Train A Cat
Cats can be trained to use the toilet instead of the litter box. It takes patience, it takes time (weeks up to many months), and preferably, it takes an extra toilet dedicated to cat business, but it can be done! If getting your cat to use a toilet doesn't work for you, you can also train a cat ...
Healthy Living - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 18:35:09

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