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1. How To Become a Scottish Laird
How To Become a Scottish Laird
Have you always wanted to feel like royalty? Wanted Title but figured it futile as you are not British? You can! (sort of). Be Laird of your own estate; become "Landed Gentry" for just a few clicks (and a few dollars). British titles can be authorized only by the Queen, but you can become a Scott...
Education - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 01:34:25
2. Wingdings
While watching Cash Cab, there was a question about a symbol font with links to conspiracy theories. This piqued my interest, so after about an hour of research and writing, here's everything I discovered in one spot. The history and conspiracies of The Wingdings Font!
Computers & Electronics - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 01:33:21
3. The Mind of Sarah Palin
The Mind of Sarah Palin
Sarah Louise Heath Palin (born February 11, 1964) is the governor of Alaska and the Republican vice-presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election. But is her mind up to the job? Here we explore the intricases of the Mind of Sarah Palin.
Entertainment & Media - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 05:34:22
4. BlackBerry Pearl 8130
After having been banished to the world of pre-paid for the last few months, I decided it was time for a new phone and a new plan. It was obvious that I needed a smartphone, but I do not like the wide formfactor of most of them. Then I discovered the BlackBerry Pearl!
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 26 Apr 2009 00:37:43
5. 2 Stupid Dogs
"Two Stupid Dogs" follows the lives of two dogs: the overly excited Little Dog (the dachshund) and easy-paced Big Dog (the sheepdog). These crazy canines don't know how to fit in the world, and they definitely don't have any know-how. They often find themselves in commonplace situations (going to...
Entertainment - Mon, 09 Feb 2009 04:02:26
6. Lovecraft's Necronomicon
That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die. For many years there has been a raging controversy regarding the most forbidden of all eldritch tomes, the Necronomicon, or Al Azif, by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred. Is it really one of the most dangerous books ever...
arts-and-design - Tue, 24 Feb 2009 01:31:36
7. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is one of the chief rituals of the Western Magick Tradition. It is the foundation of any Great Magickal Work. It can be used as a form of prayer or meditation, as an exercise in concentration, and it clears and consecrates an area in preparation...
culture-and-society - Thu, 23 Apr 2009 03:41:36
8. Dharma Initiative Recruiting Test Cheats
Want to get the best scores on all the Dharma Initiative Recruitment Tests? Look no further! All the cheats for all the tests are here. We do not know how using these cheats will affect your placement in the Dharma Initiative, use them at your own risk!
Entertainment - Sun, 07 Sep 2008 00:07:41
9. The Black Rock
The Black Rock was one of the three 19th century slave vessels thought to be owned by the New World Sea Traders. The Black Rock usually sailed from it's berth on Portsmouth, Britain to Africa, then on to the Americas or the Pacific Ocean. By the 1880's, its operations focused on the Indian Ocean,...
Entertainment - Mon, 16 Jun 2008 02:30:22
10. Yars Revenge
In a distant galaxy the civilization known as the Yars were attacked by the fierce Qotiles. Though badly damaged, the Yars' fought back using their mechanical ships that look like giant metal insects. The Qotiles have many laser cannons shielded behind celluliod barriers which are capable of dest...
Entertainment - Fri, 06 Jun 2008 23:17:59
11. Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary Trading Card Set
The latest and greatest of the Topps Star Wars trading cards has been upon us for a while now, and yet there is still much confusion on what cards are available for this set and where to get them. Search no more, all your answers are here. Hobby exclusives, retail exclusives, promo cards, where t...
Entertainment - Mon, 12 May 2008 15:31:45
12. Sarah Palin. Celebrity.
Since her announcement as the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin has been thrust into the national spotlight like no other Amercan politician before. She has had a meteoric rise from Sarah Palin, Hockey Mom to Sarah Palin, Celebrity. Here she is, Sarah Palin: Beauty Queen. Sport...
Entertainment - Sun, 19 Oct 2008 02:28:12
13. LOST University
A world of knowledge awaits you here at LOST University! As a student at LOST University, you will have the opportunity to dig deeper into the themes and mysteries of LOST, while at the same time exploring fascinating topics and subjects that relate to the world you live in. Enrollment for the fi...
Entertainment - Wed, 23 Sep 2009 14:39:09
14. Night of the Living Dead
Entertainment - Fri, 20 Feb 2009 01:41:54
15. Dungeons & Dragons on DVD
So you played D&D in High School, or maybe in college. You watched the cartoon on Saturday mornings in the '80's. You saw the movie on cable... but, did you know it's all available on DVD, and more, including a Choose-Your-Own Adventure-style DVD, another live action sequel(ish) to the theatrical...
Entertainment - Sun, 15 Feb 2009 02:51:33
16. DVDHolocron
A Holocron is an interactive repository of Jedi Knowledge and Wisdom. The DVDHolocron is an attempt at creating an interactive repository of Star Wars related DVD releases, both Fan Created and Official Releases. DVDHolocron.com does not sell anything, rather we archive all relevent info for Sta...
Entertainment - Sun, 25 Jan 2009 07:03:57

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