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1. The most beautiful abandoned places in the world
The most beautiful abandoned places in the world
Witnesses of a glorious but forgotten era, victims by disaster or just never completed, all these abandoned places fascinate by their melancholy beauty. These ruined buildings that seem haunted, reflect what the world might look like without humans. What dark beauty...
Travel & Places - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 14:35:18
2. Rhine Falls - a wonder of nature
Rhine Falls - a wonder of nature
In Christmas 2012 some friends gave me a "Wonderbox" that allowed me to choose one of the 50 destinations for 2 nights. In the list, Schaffhausen and its Rhine falls caught my attention. A choice I do not regret. It was an amazing weekend!
Travel & Places - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 14:40:51
3. Sunscreen - what's important to know
Sunscreen - what's important to know
They are the best allies in defense of your skin against the aggressions of the ultraviolets (UV) rays. In the summer or any time of year, use and abuse of sunscreens and prepare the skin to receive the sun.
Healthy Living - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 14:35:24
4. Android - the genesis
Android gives a unique experience when using gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Therefore had conquered thousands of fans around the world. In a short time invaded our homes and became an integral part of our lives. In a few words, I'll tell you the story of the genesis of the Android and some...
computers-and-electronics - Tue, 31 Dec 2013 13:54:35
5. Dry skin
With the arrival of winter and colder weather abroad, increases the heat indoors, and with all these different temperatures the skin tends to become even drier. The hands and lips are the main targets. Although often considered a minor problem, cause discomfort, so it's important to know the orig...
healthy-living - Tue, 16 Apr 2013 19:17:19
6. Depression - a feeling of deep sadness
Depression is more common than we think. When sadness insists on staying and the person is not able to handle it, it is best to ask for help. Depression interferes with the ability to handle the daily life activities and enjoy life. Treatment is always the best solution.
healthy-living - Tue, 16 Apr 2013 14:34:17
7. Eye disorders
The presence ofanydisorderordiscomfort,more or less pronounced,at eye level may be dueto one of thefollowing relativelycommon situations: conjunctivitis, not severeeye irritation, blepharitis, styes or dry eye.
healthy-living - Thu, 28 Feb 2013 16:56:21

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