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1. Ophelia
Ophelia is a character in Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet' - a creation of the Elizabethan stage. Yet for over four hundred years she has remained a figure of fascination for artists, writers and poets alike - and she emerged as a subject of devotion among the Victorian Pre-Raphaelite movement of pain...
Culture & Society - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 03:53:27
2. Anne Boleyn Today
Anne Boleyn Today
Even nearly 500 years after her death, the figure of Anne Boleyn continues to intrigue, fascinate and captivate us. Why? What is the irresistible attraction that has generated an entire cult of films, books and websites celebrating her life and times? This page is dedicated to the memory of one ...
Culture & Society - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:10:21
3. Julia Margaret Cameron
Julia Margaret Cameron
The work of the pioneering Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879) - with its celebrated soft-focus and atmospheric lighting - remains, even at a distance of a century and a half, exceptionally powerful and evocative. She is rightly recognised as one of the most influential figu...
Culture & Society - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 12:34:20
4. Crow's Feet
Crow's Feet
Oxford English Dictionary. Crow's foot = 'wrinkle at outer corner of eye.' To help lessen the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes - the notorious 'crows feet' or 'laughter lines' as they are called, try the following routine which makes use of special energy points which have been used safely...
Fashion & Beauty - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 03:53:27
5. The Lady of Shalott
The amazing poem 'The Lady of Shalott' was written in Victorian times by Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892). First penned when the author was aged just 23, it was revised by him ten years later and eventually became one of the best known poems of the age. Speculation on its meaning and significance was ...
books-poetry-writing - Tue, 10 Apr 2012 20:26:04
6. Anne & Elizabeth
I love history, especially Tudor history and two women in particular have always been my inspiration - Anne Boleyn, the 2nd wife of King Henry VIII - and her daughter Elizabeth Tudor who eventually gave her name to one of the most exciting and glamorous periods of English History - the Elizabetha...
culture-and-society - Mon, 02 Sep 2013 12:34:49

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