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1. New relations?
New relations?
Questions to ask your new lover: what you wanted to know but afraid to ask. You wanted to ask, but you were afraid of the answers. Is he or she the one for you? What is the wildest thing he's ever done? How many sex partners has he had? Is he broke or the opposite? Are there other negative things...
Relationships & Family - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 05:26:03
2. The secret of getting rich
It's not just rich in materials, but rich means for example you're healthy . Often things just don't go as we want to, but try this; be positive, forgive all the people, also who hurt you most and you'll see how automaticly only happiness will come in your way.
internet - Tue, 03 Jul 2012 13:28:52
3. This way you can eat a healthy balanced diet
Do not consume to much. Healthy and active grown ups need about 2000 calories a day. The more you move, the more calories you need. Find a way to control the calories you use each day. Check for example online how much calories there is in different food. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal,...
healthy-living - Tue, 03 Jul 2012 13:15:14
4. The country with all cultures
Suriname is a tropical country in South America, it also belongs to the Carribean, but it's not an island. Two other countries are Guyana and French Guyana, these are neighbours of Suriname. The capital is Paramaribo, some other province are Nickerie; that's the biggest, they also call it the ric...
culture-and-society - Tue, 03 Jul 2012 13:14:06
5. Advice on dating; Love must not hurt ..
Almost all people experience love and closeness with pain. If you stay with a man who disappoint you ( not showing up when they say they will or by cheating on you), love will end with pain. So many of us believe that pain is normal, in a love relationship. Without it, the relationship is borin...
relationships-and-family - Tue, 03 Jul 2012 13:12:17
6. E reader
Kindle, is a portable e(electronic)-book reader It is a software, hardware and network platform developed by Amazon that uses wireless connectivity to enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media . So buy digital books is a ...
computers-and-electronics - Thu, 19 Apr 2012 22:43:41

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