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1. Aramaic Tattoo Translations 101
Aramaic Tattoo Translations 101
Did you hear the one about the American tourist in China who got a tattoo saying "Princess" commemorating her trip? Everyone loved the tattoo, and she was very popular in bars. It was only when she got home that a bilingual friend was kind enough to let her in on the secret of her popularity: lit...
Education - Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:03:56
2. Aramaic Tattoos 101
Aramaic Tattoos 101
Aramaic tattoos are gorgeous and meaningful, they look fantastic with tribal motifs and they are definitely unique! Every day at Aramaic Designs we hear from people who say they have wanted this Aramaic tattoo for years, whether they are expressing a deep religious conviction in their flesh, comm...
Culture & Society - Sun, 14 Sep 2014 16:34:42
3. Aramaic Tattoos 101
Aramaic Tattoos 101
Congratulations! You've got your Aramaic translation in hand and you're ready to get inked. But perhaps on closer examination you decide that, as neat as Aramaic looks on its own, and as fantastic as the script you selected is, you want something a little more than a straight line of text? What d...
Entertainment & Media - Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:02:20
4. Aramaic: The Language of Jesus (Yeshua)
Aramaic: The Language of Jesus (Yeshua)
You may know Aramaic as the language of Jesus, but did you know that Aramaic is actually a 3,000 year old language that evolved in the Middle East alongside Hebrew? Aramaic has been the lingua franca of the Assyrian and Babylonian empires, has been the language not only of books of the Old Testa...
Culture & Society - Sun, 14 Sep 2014 16:30:52

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