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1. How to Reblue A Firearm
How to Reblue A Firearm
Today, I am going to try to teach you how to do a cold rebluing on a firearm using a Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid Bluing Kit. It sounds a bit daunting to some, but it really isn't. You just need to take your time and pay attention to detail. I have been successful in doing it now on quite a ...
Sports & Recreation - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 13:34:55
2. The BEST Buttermilk Biscuits That You Will Ever Eat
I have had people tell me that they would allow themselves to starve to death if I didn't come to work to make homemade biscuits every morning. It's true. I have. I am not a bragger, but I make the best biscuits....well, anywhere, and I'm about to share my recipe!
food-and-cooking - Mon, 26 Mar 2012 01:32:48
3. Go Green...It Pays
I started recycling about 3 years ago when I heard that aluminum cans were about 40 cents a pound. I figured since I see them everywhere from the side of the road to parking lots that it wouldn't hurt to start collecting and stockpiling them to sell to the scrap yard. I got a list from the scrap ...
healthy-living - Fri, 23 Mar 2012 23:06:15
4. My Most Favorite Recipes
Everyone has a place where they keep their favorite recipes. Since I spend so much time in front of my computer, and most of THAT time I spend here on Squidoo, this seems the most logical place to keep them. I encourage you to try them and enjoy them. They just might end up your favorites too.
food-and-cooking - Tue, 20 Mar 2012 23:08:14
5. Recycling E Waste
There are varying definitions of what E Waste is but, though maybe not the best, mine is very easy to remember. I put E Waste in 3 catergories: 1 Electronics and Appliances - If it has an electrical plug or goes on a charger then it's worth money as scrap. 2. Cellular Phones - There's big money...
healthy-living - Thu, 05 Apr 2012 09:30:27

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