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1. How to become a Freemason
How to become a Freemason
The good news is, anyone of good character can become a Freemason. Male or female; black or white; Christian, Jewish, Moslem (indeed any religion) or even atheist, as long as you are of a minimum age you can become a Freemason of some sort. How you do that varies depending on several factors in...
Culture & Society - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:20:29
2. Recommended Masonic Books - General
Recommended Masonic Books - General
There are hundreds if not thousands of books out there about Freemasonry or which feature Masonic themes or are just of some esoteric interest to Freemasons. This Lens will help you sort the wheat from the chaff. Recommendations are welcome, please add them as a comment and in due time I will i...
Books, Poetry & Writing - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:24:16
3. Freemasonry in the Online Community
Freemasonry in the Online Community
This Lens pulls together all my thoughts on why Freemasonry is more important today than it has been for decades. As a "System of morality, veiled in allegory" we need to draw that veil aside and shine a beacon that will guide us to a more honest...
Culture & Society - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:22:16
4. The Importance of being Regular
The Importance of being Regular
Unfortunately, becoming a Freemason has never been easier. That's a pity because becoming a Freemason should be an important step in your life. However, there are now scores of fake masonic organisations, defined as 'clandestine', that will rip you off and call you a mason - only you won't actual...
Culture & Society - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:21:17
5. Recommended Masonic Books - Recommended Authors
Recommended Masonic Books - Recommended Authors
There is a wealth of information about freemasonry out there, so where do you start? This list features a selection of reference books I can recommend for the discerning reader. Please feel free to add recommendations below. The photo is of my favourite masonic author, the late Revered Neville B...
Books, Poetry & Writing - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:22:16
6. Recommended Masonic Books - Recommended Authors 2
Recommended Masonic Books - Recommended Authors 2
Another page of recommended reading. Squidoo seems to deprecate this sort of thing, but I honestly believe it is worth while making these recommendations. There are a ton of books on Masonic topics and many of them are simply wrong, misleading or plain dross. I'm happy to recommend these books an...
Books, Poetry & Writing - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:13:30

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