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1. Couch Surfing - Inexpensive Way To Travel Around The World
Couch Surfing - Inexpensive Way To Travel Around The World
CouchSurfing is not about the furniture, not just about finding free accommodations around the world; it's about making connections worldwide. We make the world a better place by opening our homes, our hearts, and our lives. We open our minds and welcome the knowledge that cultural exchange makes...
Travel & Places - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:23:04
2. Fermented beet juice
Fermented beet juice
Juice from freshly harvested and pressed beet roots is often used to make drink that is not only tasty and refreshing; it can also be used for cleansing and fasting. For hundreds years beet juice was believed to be great natural resource for good blood because it contains iron, that is easily ass...
Healthy Living - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:24:58
3. The Rich Who Like To Share - The World's Greatest Philanthropists
The Rich Who Like To Share - The World's Greatest Philanthropists
According to the definition in Wapedia, "A philanthropist is someone who engages in philanthropy; that is, someone who donates his or her time, money, and/or reputation to charitable causes. The term may apply to any volunteer or to anyone who makes a donation, but the label is most often applied...
Nonprofits - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:23:21
4. Heritage tourism
Heritage tourism
Heritage is the legacy from the past that's being passed on to the future generations. There are two basic types of heritage - cultural and natural heritage. Both are irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration - that's why the whole world couldn't understand Taliban's crimes against Afghanista...
Travel & Places - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:23:06
5. Adam Malysz
Adam Malysz
Adam Malysz is one of the best ski jumpers in the history. As of the end of 2006/2007 season, this Polish national hero ("Polish Eagle") has had 38 World Cup victories and won 74 World Cup podiums - all in just 259 starts! He won four World Cup titles (2001-2003 and 2007). Malysz has two Olympic ...
Sports & Recreation - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:23:15
6. Czeslaw Niemen
Czeslaw Niemen
Czeslaw Niemen (real name Czeslaw Juliusz Wydrzycki) (February 16, 1939 - January 17, 2004) was one of the most important and original Polish singer-songwriters and rock balladeers of the last quarter-century, singing mainly in the Polish language. Niemen was born in Stare Wasiliszki in Grodno Pr...
Music - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 07:36:27
7. Victoria ( British Columbia) Microbreweries And Brewpubs
Victoria ( British Columbia) Microbreweries And Brewpubs
Victoria is not only the capital city of British Columbia; it's also a hot tourist spot on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The main reason for that is the natural beauty of Vancouver Island - the nature paradise. However, the tourists come here because of very nice, mild weather all-year-ro...
Travel & Places - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:23:22
8. Leg Magic Exerciser
Leg Magic Exerciser
Leg Magic is the scientifically tested leg slimming system that will help shape your legs with simple, 60-second gliding workouts and a simple workout routine. Leg Magic's unique lateral gliding motion works with gravity to work the muscles that squats and leg presses can't touch, in just a fract...
Sports & Recreation - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:26:57
9. Agritourism - vacations on farms
Agritourism - vacations on farms
 The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) defines agri-tourism as "the economic activity that occurs when people link travel with agricultural products, services or experiences".Here are typical traits of an agritourist: high interest in outdoor/nature-oriented/learnin...
Travel & Places - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:25:12
10. Medical tourism - traveling to another country to obtain health care
Medical tourism - traveling to another country to obtain health care
Patients from the USA and other rich countries are traveling to exotic countries like India, Brunei and Thailand for elective surgeries performed by doctors that are well-educated, but charge rock-bottom prices. This new trend in travel is called medical tourism... The term simply means that pati...
Travel & Places - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:24:24
11. Bushido - Japanese warior philosophy
Bushido, meaning "Way of the Warrior", is a Japanese code of conduct and a way of life, loosely analogous to the European concept of chivalry. It originates from the samurai moral code and stresses frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery and honour unto death. Bushido developed between the 9th t...
culture-and-society - Sun, 08 Apr 2012 04:59:33
12. Vladimir Vysotsky
Vladimir Vysotsky
When Vladimir Vysotsky died in 1980, his body was laid out at the Taganka Theatre, where the funeral service was held. He was later buried at the Vagankovskoye Cemetery in Moscow. Thousands of Moscow citizens left the stadiums (as it was the time of the Olympics) to attend the funeral. Although n...
Music - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:23:21
13. "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen Video Showcase
"Hallelujah" is a song written by Leonard Cohen. It was first recorded on his 1984 album Various Positions. It has been covered numerous times and featured in the soundtracks of several movies and television shows. One of the best-known covers of "Hallelujah" was recorded by the American singer-s...
Music - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:25:12
14. Fine Victoria (British Columbia) Dining
Victoria chefs are known for using quality, locally produced foods, especially West Coast seafood, free-range poultry and B.C. wines. And do we have to mention Victoria's hand-crafted beers? Photo author: Tallyn from flickr.com
travel-and-places - Sun, 08 Apr 2012 04:58:11
15. How To Find The Hottest Prom Dress
How To Find The Hottest Prom Dress
You don't have to worry any more as you'll find everything here that you need to find the perfect dress for your prom night. If you use at least some of the tips I have here, I almost guarantee you that the Prom Queen's tiara will be yours! Most importantly, I will tell you what the most desirab...
Fashion & Beauty - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:24:29
16. Tom's Restaurant In New York City
Tom's Restaurant also known as Tom's Diner became famous for its appearances in the TV sitcom Seinfeld.  It has been owned and operated by the Greek-American Minasizoulis family since 1950's.  But this cozy restaurant  is also mentioned in famous song Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega and in Merideth S...
travel-and-places - Tue, 14 Feb 2012 20:10:18
17. Tom Williams
Tom Williams is the CEO of GiveMeaning.com - an online, Web 2.0 community for people who want to change the world. GiveMeaning.com is an online fundraising site emphasizing creative fundraising ideas and other unique forms of charity donation. Tom's colorful career started when he was 12. In Vict...
nonprofits - Thu, 12 Jan 2012 19:54:26
18. Gyros
Gyros or gyro is a Greek fast food; it is a kind of meat roasted on a vertical rotisserie. By extension, gyros may refer to the pita sandwich it is often served in, with various salads and sauces. The most common fillings are tomato, onions, french fries and tzatziki sauce. Sometimes the name is ...
food-and-cooking - Wed, 14 Dec 2011 19:24:30
19. Literary tourism
Literary tourism is a type of cultural tourism to places related to events or fictional characters in books. It also involves visiting places and areas related to the lives of the book authors. One of the best examples of literary tourism are tours and walks in Paris and London based on "Da Vinci...
travel-and-places - Wed, 14 Dec 2011 19:23:11
20. Dark tourism
In "Niche Tourism" dark tourism is defined as "visitations to places where tragedies or historically noteworthy death has occurred and that continue to impact our lives". Philip R. Stone, Editor of Dark Tourism Forum describes lists various forms and subsets, among them: Holocaust tourism, battle...
travel-and-places - Thu, 14 Jul 2011 22:55:20
21. Robert H. Schuller
The Rev. Robert Harold Schuller, (born September 16, 1926) is an American televangelist and pastor known around the world through his weekly broadcast the Hour of Power from the the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California - possibly the most famous church in the world.   Photo author: Photo...
culture-and-society - Fri, 17 Jun 2011 04:07:35
22. Roberto Luongo
Roberto Luongo is one of the best NHL goaltenders, currently with the Vancouver Canucks. Read the Wikipedia article about Roberto Luongo... Photo author: jelee_unleashed from flickr.com Thank you very much for visiting this lens! I hope you enjoy it. If you like what I created here - please rate ...
sports-and-recreation - Wed, 25 May 2011 00:13:40
23. Backpacker tourism
Backpacking is a term used to denote a form of low-cost independent international travel, differentiating it from other forms of tourism notably by the following typical attributes: minimal budget use, longer duration traveling, use of public transport and multiple destinations/countries. The ori...
travel-and-places - Sat, 26 Mar 2011 21:43:37
24. Victoria (British Columbia) Attractions
Victoria (British Columbia) Attractions
Victoria offers wide range of outdoor activities and adventures, indoor amusements and plenty of points of interests and sightseeing opportunities. Take a short harbour cruise aboard a mini-ferry, paddle rented kayaks or enjoy a whale-watching cruise. Visit a beach, stroll in a park or in any of ...
Travel & Places - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:25:12
25. Academy Awards Video Showcase
The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, are presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry, including directors, actors, and writers. The formal ceremony at which the awards are presented is am...
Entertainment - Mon, 14 Mar 2011 02:28:53
26. Bulat Okudzhava
Bulat Okudzhava was one of the founders of the Russian genre called "author's song". He was of Georgian origin, born in Moscow and died in Paris. Bulat Okudzhava wrote about 200 songs, set to his own poetry. His songs are a mixture of Russian poetic and folksong traditions and the French chansonn...
Music - Mon, 10 Jan 2011 02:03:42
27. "If I Had $1000000" By Barenaked Ladies
If I Had $1000000 - possibly the most famous song by the Canadian indie musical group Barenaked Ladies - was written by Steven Page and Ed Robertson. It's one of the first songs by BNL. The song first appeared on the Barenaked Ladies first independently released tape entitled Buck Naked. The song...
Music - Sat, 08 Jan 2011 21:36:20
28. Jessica McClure Video Showcase
Jessica Morales née McClure (born March 26, 1986), became famous at the age of 18 months after falling into a Midland, Texas well on October 14, 1987. Rescuers worked for 58 hours to free "Baby Jessica" from an 8-inch-wide hole. The story gained worldwide attention (leading to some criticism as a...
culture-and-society - Fri, 22 Oct 2010 16:54:28
29. Rick Nash
Rick Nash is a professional ice hockey left wing in the National Hockey League, playing for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Rick Nash was selected 1st overall in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Read the Wikipedia article about Rick Nash ... Photo author: brianpoulsen from flickr...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 25 Feb 2010 20:06:23
30. Zywiec beer
Zywiec Brewery is a brewery founded in 1852 by the Habsburg family in Zywiec (German: Saybusch), at that time in Galicia, Austria-Hungary, now in Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. It was nationalised after the Second World War. The brewery was acquired by Heineken International in the mid-1990s. Read...
food-and-cooking - Fri, 06 Nov 2009 23:58:13
31. Leg Magic Video Showcase
Leg Magic Exerciser is a scientifically tested home work out machine. Leg Magic will help you get those awesome legs, abs and thighs in just 60 seconds workouts. The Leg Magic Exerciser targets those areas of your body that are hard to reach. The Leg Magic uses a lateral gliding motion. When this...
Entertainment - Mon, 04 May 2009 19:57:20
32. "Within You Without You" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Within You Without You" is a song written by George Harrison and recorded with a group of Indian musicians, without any input from his fellow Beatles. It was the second of Harrison's songs to be explicitly influenced by Indian classical music, after "Love You To", and was Harrison's only lyrical...
Music - Wed, 01 Apr 2009 00:48:43
33. Robot Chicken
An adult cartoon comedy show created by Seth Green, who played the son of Dr Evil on the Austin Powers Movies. He also provides the voice of Chris on the Family Guy cartoons. You will like it if you like cartoon comedies such as the Simpsons and Family Guy. Photo author: ninjapoodles from flickr.com
Entertainment - Fri, 06 Feb 2009 02:28:50
34. Jimmy Connors
James Scott "Jimmy" Connors (born September 2, 1952 in East St. Louis, Illinois) is a former World Number 1 American tennis champion who was the top player for 160 consecutive weeks from July of 1974 to August of 1977. He also was the number one player an additional eight times during his career....
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 11 Jul 2009 13:17:13
35. Nabaztag Video Showcase
Nabaztag (Armenian for "rabbit") is a Wi-Fi enabled rabbit, invented by Rafi Haladjian and Olivier Mével, and manufactured by Violet. Nabaztag is a "smart object" comparable to those manufactured by Ambient Devices; it can connect to the Internet (for example to download weather forecasts, read i...
computers-and-electronics - Thu, 10 Apr 2008 15:54:52
36. Denny Doherty
Denny Doherty (1940-2007) was the lead singer and one of the Founding members of the 1960s folk-pop group the Mamas and the Papas. Photo author: mayflowers from flickr.com. Denny is far left on this picture.
Music - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:43:27
37. Franz Beckenbauer Video Showcase
Franz Anton Beckenbauer (born September 11, 1945) is a German football coach, manager, and former player, nicknamed der Kaiser ("the emperor") because of his elegant style, his leadership qualities, his first name "Franz" (reminiscent of the Austrian emperors called Francis in English), and his d...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:42:32
38. Johan Cruijff Video Showcase
Hendrik Johannes Cruijff - often spelled Cruyff outside the Netherlands); born April 25, 1947 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch football manager/coach and former player. He was named European Footballer of the Year three times (1971, 1973, 1974) which is a record jointly held with Michel Platini and Marco...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:40:24
39. Marek Grechuta
Music - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:39:09
40. John Anderson
John has accumulated five number one hits and twenty-three top-ten hits in his career. His double platinum selling album Seminole Wind. His 1993 follow-up effort "Solid Ground" reached gold selling status along with his original "Greatest Hits" album released in 1984.
Music - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:37:58
41. BullPoo
BullPoo is both an interactive community of investors and a personalized investment tool. The platform allows investors of all sorts and from all over the world to come together, collaborate and share investing knowledge and insights through various means; from sharing personal web logs (i.e. blo...
business-and-work - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:37:03
42. Bratz Games Video Showcase
According to the Wikipedia, Bratz is a 2001 childrens and teens doll franchise produced by MGA Entertainment. The 254mm (10 inch) dolls characterized by large heads with wide eyes, full lips, very small noses, short torsos, and shoes that can be snapped on and off. The popularity of the four prim...
Entertainment - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:35:45
43. Tose Proeski Video Showcase
Todor "Tose" Proeski (January 25, 1981 October 16, 2007) was a famous Macedonian singer who was popular across the entire Balkan area. He is considered a top act of the music scene of Republic of Macedonia. Proeski collaborated with artists including Anja Rupel, Antonija Sola, Bora Corba, Karoli...
Music - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:34:06
44. Andrzej Wajda
Once dubbed a symbol for a besieged country of Poland, Wajda is known for drawing from that country's history to suit his tragic sensibilitycrafting an oeuvre of work that devastates even as it informs. His films are also famous of their visual sides. Wajda shows some symbolic scenes, very often ...
Entertainment - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:32:38
45. Rosalind Gardner
Rosalind Gardner has been a highly successful Internet marketer since 1998. But this Canadian entrepreneur known on the Web as the "Super Affiliate" was starting her online career without knowing how to build a web site, and had no selling experience... In 1997, she was working as an air traffic ...
culture-and-society - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:29:57
46. "Michelle" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Michelle" is a Grammy Award winning love ballad by The Beatles, mainly written by Paul McCartney, which is featured on their Rubber Soul album. The song departs from most of the Beatles' other recordings in that some of the lyrics are in French (like Sun King, which is partly in Italian, Spanish...
Music - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:23:51
47. Pavel Datsyuk
Pavel Datsyuk is a Russian-born professional ice hockey player currently playing for the Detroit Red Wings. Pavel Datsyuk is known for silent, but humble demeanor, as well as his flashy moves out on the ice. Read the Wikipedia article about Pavel Datsyuk... Photo author: radiospike photography fr...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:21:32
48. LimeWire peer-to-peer file sharing
LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing client for the Java Platform, which uses the Gnutella network to locate and share files. Released under the GNU General Public License, Limewire is free software. It also encourages the user to pay a fee, which will then give the user access to LimeWire Pro...
computers-and-electronics - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:20:23
49. Marc Bolan
Marc Bolan was one of the biggest British rock stars of the seventies. He was the leader of The Tyrannosaurus Rex band, later known as T.Rex.Marc was loved by thousands of fans all over the world for his very unique voice and guitar solos.
Music - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:13:23
50. Ilya Kovalchuk
Ilya Kovalchuk is a professional ice hockey winger who currently plays for the Atlanta Thrashers of the National Hockey League. Read the Wikipedia article about Ilya Kovalchuk ... Photo author: kaatiya from flickr.com Thank you very much for visiting this lens! I hope you enjoy it. If you like wh...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:12:23
51. Paula Newby-Fraser
Paula Newby-Fraser is the greatest triathlete of all time. She won 24 Ironman Championships - that's more than twice that was won by the other triathlon legends - Mark Allen & Erin Baker (8 each) and Dave Scott (7). When she finished 11th overall in 1988 Ironman, it was called the "greatest perfo...
culture-and-society - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:09:02
52. "Your Body Is A Wonderland" By John Mayer Video Showcase
"Your Body Is a Wonderland" is the second single released by John Mayer from his first album, 2001's Room for Squares. Its commercial success was greater than Mayer's prior single, "No Such Thing". The lyrics are sung by a young man to his girlfriend. He tells her about how he will spend the afte...
Music - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:03:32
53. Gordon Banks Video Showcase
Gordon Banks, (born 30 December 1937 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England) is a former English footballer, elected in a poll by the IFFHS as the second best goalkeeper of the 20th Century - after Lev Yashin. Banks was a member of the England national team that won the 1966 World Cup. Banks was ...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 16 Mar 2008 02:16:25
54. Jerzy Dudek Video Showcase
Jerzy Dudek (born March 23, 1973 in Rybnik, Poland) is a Polish football player who plays for La Liga champions Real Madrid. He has been capped 58 times for the Polish national team. Prior to Real Madrid, Dudek played for Concordia Knurów, Sokó Tychy, Feyenoord Rotterdam and most recently Liverpo...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 16 Mar 2008 02:15:30
55. Jan Tomaszewski Video Showcase
Jan Tomaszewski (born January 9, 1948) is a retired Polish footballer, who was nicknamed "Tomek", the "Clown" and "The Man That Stopped England". A goalkeeper, Tomaszewski is best remembered by some for his performance for Poland against England, in a qualifying match for the 1974 World Cup, whic...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 16 Mar 2008 02:14:42
56. Nina Simone Video Showcase
Eunice Kathleen Waymon, better known by her stage name Nina Simone (February 21, 1933 April 21, 2003), was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger and civil rights activist. Although she disliked being categorized, Simone is generally classified as a jazz musician. She preferred the te...
Music - Sun, 16 Mar 2008 02:13:53
57. "Daughters" By John Mayer Video Showcase
"Daughters" is the third single from Heavier Things, the 2003 studio album from Blues singer-songwriter, John Mayer. The critically-acclaimed song won numerous awards, including the 2005 Grammy Award for Song of the Year at the 47th Grammy Awards. Lyrically, "Daughters" is an admonition to father...
Music - Wed, 27 Feb 2008 20:38:00
58. Amy Winehouse Video Showcase
Amy Winehouse is a tabloid regular due to her behavior, eating disorders and drunken performances. Her "Rehab" single from Back to Back album is an autobiographical song for the 23-year old from London singing in '60s style. Photo: Tears Dry on Their Own album by Amy album available from Amazon...
Music - Tue, 26 Feb 2008 01:13:21
59. Rosenstolz - a German music band from Berlin
Rosenstolz is a German music band from Berlin. Their music combines several styles including rock, pop and ballads. AnNa R. and Peter Plate form the duo. They had their breakthrough in 1998 with the song Herzensschöner (Heart's Desire). Other successful hits include Amo vitam (I Love the Life), E...
Music - Tue, 19 Feb 2008 02:04:22
60. Burton Snowboards Video Showcase
Burton Snowboards is the world's leading manufacturer of snowboards with an estimated 30% to 35% marketshare. Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, the company specializes in a broad product line aimed at snowboarders: hard goods, outerwear, accessories. Aside from selling goods under its own...
Entertainment - Sat, 16 Feb 2008 19:24:59
61. Steve Nash Video Showcase
Steven John Nash, OBC (born February 7, 1974), is a Canadian professional basketball player who plays point guard for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Nash was brought up in a family of sportsmen and he excelled in a variety of sports. He enjoyed an outstanding high ...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 14 Feb 2008 03:30:02
62. Ross Rebagliati
On February 8, 1998, a young Canadian Ross Rebagliati made Olympic history in Nagano, Japan by winning the first ever gold medal in snowboarding. Ross Rebagliati's run for Olympic gold can be watched here. Ross has been snowboarding since before people were allowed to ride the chair lifts in Cana...
culture-and-society - Thu, 14 Feb 2008 03:25:12
63. "A Day In The Life" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"A Day in the Life" is a song composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and recorded by The Beatles for their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967 (see 1967 in music). The song is actually a merging of two different, but complementary, song fragments originally authored independen...
Music - Thu, 14 Feb 2008 03:18:37
64. James Zabiela Video Showcase
James Zabiela (born August 7, 1979) is a DJ from Southampton in the United Kingdom. His signature style is a fusion of Breakbeat and House music. He is known for his turntable skills, extensive use of loops and effects, and the use of the Pioneer CDJ1000s, EFX1000 as well as more recently using A...
Music - Wed, 13 Feb 2008 22:55:14
65. Voluntourism Video Showcase
Volunteer vacations are vacations which include some activities focused on furthering a charitable cause for which the participant receives no renumeration. The types of volunteer vacations are diverse, from low-skill work cleaning up local wildlife areas to providing high-skill medical aid in a ...
nonprofits - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:57:16
66. Jim Kukral
Jim Kukral is an online marketing veteran who focuses on using creative marketing ideas to generate success online. You can keep up-to-date with all of Jim's many projects by visiting his blog at http://www.jimkukral.com Photo author: revenuemagazine from flickr.com
internet - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:56:49
67. "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" is a Beatles song originally released on the double-disc album The Beatles (also known as The White Album), and later released as a single. It is a Paul McCartney composition (credited to Lennon/McCartney). The song was a conscious homage to the emerging reggae movement (lyri...
Music - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:55:42
68. Gilbert Bcaud Video Showcase
Gilbert Bécaud (October 24, 1927 December 18, 2001) was a French singer, composer and actor, known as Monsieur 100,000 Volts for his energetic performances. His best-known hits are probably Nathalie and Et maintenant, a 1961 release that became an English language hit after being translated into...
Music - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:54:26
69. "Take It To The Limit" By The Eagles Video Showcase
"Take It to the Limit" is a song by the Eagles from their fourth album, One of These Nights, and was written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and bassist Randy Meisner. The song features a very similar progression to "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers, released 3 years earlier. The third single from the albu...
Music - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:53:20
70. Atomic Rooster
Atomic Rooster was an English progressive rock band, formed by ex-Crazy World of Arthur Brown members, Vincent Crane and Carl Palmer in 1969. Their only hit singles came in 1971 with "Tomorrow Night" (a UK Number 11), and "The Devil's Answer" (UK Number 4). In 1970, Atomic Rooster (at that time c...
Music - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:52:13
71. Cabaret Voltaire
Cabaret Voltaire (also known as The Cabs) were a British music group from Sheffield, England. Initially comprised of Stephen Mallinder, Richard H. Kirk and Chris Watson, the group was named after the Cabaret Voltaire, a nightclub in Zurich, Switzerland that was a center for the early Dada movemen...
Music - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:51:34
72. Daylight Savings Time Video Showcase
Daylight saving time (DST; also summer time in British English) is the convention of advancing clocks so that afternoons have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn; several ancient cultures...
How-To & Education - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:50:50
73. "Hotel California" By The Eagles Video Showcase
Hotel California is an album released by American rock band Eagles in late 1976. It is the first Eagles album without founding member Bernie Leadon, and the first album with Joe Walsh. It is also the last album featuring original bass player and singer Randy Meisner. Source: Wikipedia - Hotel Cal...
Music - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:49:37
74. "Girl" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Girl" is a song written by John Lennon, but as all releases written by either John Lennon or Paul McCartney, it is credited to Lennon/McCartney. The song was first released in 1965 on The Beatles' album Rubber Soul, and was the last complete song recorded for it. The song's lyrics describe a gir...
Music - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:48:18
75. Michael Bubl Video Showcase
Michael Steven Bublé (born 9 September 1975) is a critically acclaimed Grammy-nominated, multiple Juno Award-winning Canadian crooner, big band singer and also actor. While achieving modest chart success in the United States, his 2003 self-titled album has reached the top ten in Australia, the UK...
Music - Tue, 05 Feb 2008 05:10:57
76. Slingbox Video Showcase
The Slingbox is a TV streaming device that enables consumers to remotely view their cable, satellite, or personal video recorder (PVR) programming from an Internet-enabled computer with a broadband Internet connection. It is produced by Sling Media of San Mateo, California. A Slingbox can redirec...
computers-and-electronics - Tue, 05 Feb 2008 05:08:11
77. Ivanka Trump Video Showcase
Ivanka Marie Trump (born October 30, 1981 in New York City, New York) is an American fashion model and businesswoman, best known as the daughter of Ivana Trump and Donald Trump and is currently vice president of Real Estate Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization. Before working fo...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:14:54
78. Graphing calculators
A graphing calculator (also known as a graphic calculator or graphical calculator) typically refers to a class of handheld calculators that are capable of plotting graphs, solving simultaneous equations, and performing numerous other tasks with variables. Most popular graphing calculators are als...
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:14:04
79. Goran Visnjic Video Showcase
Goran Visnjic (born September 9, 1972) is a Croatian actor who has appeared in American films and television productions. He is best known for his role as Dr. Luka Kovac in the hit television series ER. Goran Visnjic adopted the simplified spelling of his name when he came to the United States in...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:13:26
80. Prairie Oyster
Band Members: Keith Glass, Guitar Russell deCarle, Lead vocals/bass Joan Besen, Keyboards John P. Allen, Fiddle Dennis Delorme, Pedal Steel To view information about the current Prairie Oyster album please visit their Myspace profile or their website.
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:12:53
81. MySpace Video Showcase
MySpace is a social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos internationally. It is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, USA, where it shares an office building with its immediate owner, Fox In...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:12:04
82. Francis Ford Coppola Video Showcase
As a true renaissance man, Francis Ford Coppola is not only a five-time Academy Award winning film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is also a vintner, magazine publisher, and hotelier. Francis Ford Coppola is most known for directing the Godfather trilogy, The Conversation, and the Apocal...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:11:25
83. Mel Gibson Video Showcase
Best known for directing and producing The Passion of the Christ, a movie portraying the last hours of the life of Jesus, Mel Gibson has won numerous awards for acting and directing... In 2004 Mel Gibson was named the world's most powerful celebrity by US business magazine Forbes. Photo author: h...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:10:42
84. Lil Wayne Video Showcase
Lil Wayne, an American rapper, was born as Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. on September 27, 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana, but is better known by his stage name. Read the Wikipedia article about Lil Wayne... Photo author: Cameron Carnes from flickr.com
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:10:06
85. Escort Passport Radar Detectors Video Showcase
A radar detector, sometimes called a fuzz buster, is an electronic device used by motorists to determine if their speed is being monitored by a radar unit. To do so, police bounce a radio wave off of a moving vehicle with a radar gun that determines the vehicle's speed by the Doppler-effect-moder...
cars - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:09:30
86. BlackBerry Pearl Video Showcase
The BlackBerry Pearl (8100) is a mobile phone developed by Research In Motion, and the first Blackberry device with a camera and other multimedia features. It was released in Q3 of 2006. The Pearl is a quad-band GSM device. Specifications:Dimensions (W x D x H): 2 in x 0.6 in x 4.2 in.  Weight: 3...
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:08:54
87. Most Popular Smartphones Video Showcase
A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobile phone, often with personal computer like functionality. For some, a smartphone is a phone which runs complete operating system software providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers....
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:08:15
88. Tom Cochrane Video Showcase
Tom Cochrane, (born May 14, 1953) is a Canadian singer and songwriter, whose story-telling songs have earned him the nickname "The thinking man's rocker." His music has been critically referred to as the "soundtrack to a mid-life crisis". His best known song is the hit single "Life Is a Highway" ...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:07:13
89. Ian Tyson Video Showcase
Ian Tyson, (born September 25, 1933) is a cowboy folk singer from Alberta, Canada, who was born in Victoria, British Columbia. While part of the groups Ian and Sylvia and Great Speckled Bird, Tyson accentuated the cowboy way and the western life through song. Residing in southern Alberta, Tyson t...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:06:45
90. Steve Wariner Video Showcase
Steven Noel "Steve" Wariner (b. December 25, 1954, Noblesville, Indiana) is an American country music singer, guitarist and songwriter. He was one of the most popular artists during the 1980s, thanks to a string of No. 1 singles recorded for both RCA and MCA records. After his popularity waned so...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:06:12
91. Captain & Tennille Video Showcase
Captain & Tennille are U.S. pop music recording artists who achieved success during the second half of the 1970s and into the early 1980s with a repertoire of mostly sophisticated hit songs. The duo consists of "Captain" Daryl Dragon (born August 27, 1942), and Toni Tennille (born May 8, 1940). T...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:05:40
92. "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"I Want You (She's So Heavy)" is a song by The Beatles, from their album Abbey Road. It was written by John Lennon, although it is credited as a Lennon/McCartney collaboration. The song is an unusual Beatles composition for a variety of reasons, namely its length (nearly eight minutes), its dispr...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:05:11
93. "Bird on the Wire" by Leonard Cohen Video Showcase
"Bird on the Wire" is one of Leonard Cohen's signature songs. It was recorded 26 September 1968 in Nashville and included on his 1969 album Songs from a Room. A May 1968 recording produced by David Crosby, entitled "Like a Bird", was added to the 2007 remastered CD. Judy Collins was the first to ...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:04:41
94. FIFA Player Of The Century Video Showcase
FIFA Player of the Century was a one-off award created by FIFA to decide the greatest football player of the 20th century. Initially the award was set to be decided via an internet vote by the people, but after Diego Maradona won the poll, FIFA controversially made the award a joint-award, sharin...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:00:48
95. "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Happiness Is a Warm Gun" is a song by The Beatles featured on the double-disc album The Beatles (also known as The White Album). It is primarily a John Lennon composition, credited to Lennon/McCartney. The original, working title of the song was "Happiness Is a Warm Gun in Your Hand," which was ...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 04:00:06
96. Stockpickr Video Showcase
Stockpickr is a free stock recommendation site that allows you to receive automated stock recommendations from thousands of portfolios, both professional and amateur, with a similar make-up to yours. Just enter your favorite stocks and within seconds you will receive new recommendations based on ...
business-and-work - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:58:39
97. Lib Tech Snowboards Video Showcase
Liberace Technologies is an American snowboard manufacturer. Also known as Lib Tech or Lib Technologies, the company falls under the umbrella of parent company Mervin Manufacturing and mega company Quiksilver. At Lib Tech, snowboarders make handcrafted snowboards. Every hand that touches a Lib Te...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:58:12
98. Hockey goaltender equipment
Are you looking for great goalie equipment? I hope you'll find it here, just scroll down.
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:56:23
99. Canon EOS 400D Video Showcase
The EOS 400D, called Digital Rebel XTi in North America and EOS Kiss Digital X in Japan, is an entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera introduced by Canon August 24, 2006. It is the successor of the popular Canon EOS 350D, upgrading to a 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, a larger continuous shoot...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:51:10
100. Trevor Linden
Trevor Linden plays centre and right wing for the Vancouver Canucks. Trevor is the most popular player in the Canucks history, respected for his on-ice performance and charitable work. Read the Wikipedia article about Trevor Linden... Photo author: emerald_68 from flickr.com Thank you very much f...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:50:30
101. Playing Sonic Games Video Showcase
The Sonic the Hedgehog series is a franchise of video games released by Sega starring and named after its mascot character Sonic the Hedgehog. The series began in 1991 with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, in addition to an 8-bit version of the game for the Master...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:28:53
102. Garmin Streetpilot
Are you looking for Garmin Streetpilot? This site is made for you! Scroll down and choose what suits you best!
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:27:37
103. Tzatziki Video Showcase
Tzatziki, tzadziki, or tsatsiki is a Greek meze or appetizer, possibly of Turkish origin, also used as a sauce for souvlaki and gyros. Tzatziki is made of strained yoghurt in Greece and Turkey usually sheep's-milk or goat's-milk yoghurt to which are added cucumbers (either pureed and strained o...
food-and-cooking - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:24:34
104. Souvlaki Video Showcase
Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. It may be served on the skewer for eating out of hand, in a pita sandwich with garnishes and sauces, or on a dinner plate, often with french fries or pilaf. The meat is tradition...
food-and-cooking - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:23:04
105. Pumpkin Stencils Video Showcase
A jack-o'-lantern, sometimes also spelled Jack O'Lantern, is a carved pumpkin or turnip. Typically the top is cut off, and the inside flesh then scooped out. An image is carved onto the outside surface, and the lid replaced. During the night, a candle is placed inside to illuminate the effect. Ja...
hobbies-games-toys - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:20:34
106. Crank Radio Video Showcase
Crank Radio was a post hardcore trio from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The band described themselves as "a diverse amalgam of a number of influences, from King Crimson, Frank Zappa, and John Zorn to Faith No More, Breadwinner, the Descendents, and Warner Bros. Cartoon soundtracks." Adam MacGregor an...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:17:05
107. Abercrombie Video Showcase
Are you looking for Abercrombie & Fitch stuff? Scroll down and find interesting offers. Read the Wikipedia article about Abercrombie & Fitch... Photo author: Fixed Image from flickr.com
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:15:40
108. Walking Poles Video Showcase
Walking poles are used in Nordic walking - also known as ski walking, pole walking or fitness walking. It is a sport consisting of walking with ski poles or specialized Nordic Walking poles. Nordic Walking first became widely popularized in Europe, starting in Finland where it was known as sauvak...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:14:06
109. XM Satellite Radio
Are you looking for XM Satellite Radio? This site is made for you! Scroll down and choose what suits you best!
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:12:49
110. Bose Acoustimass Video Showcase
Are you looking for Bose Acoustimass? This site is made for you! Scroll down and choose what suits you best!
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:11:41
111. Cuisinart Food Processors Video Showcase
Are you looking for Cuisinart Food Processors? This site is made for you! Scroll down and choose what you like most!
food-and-cooking - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:10:10
112. Mark Ballas Video Showcase
Mark Ballas is a professional ballroom dancer on the ABC program Dancing with the Stars. He was born in 1985 in Houston, Texas and at a young age moved to London, England, where he began his performing career. At the age of 4, he was enrolled at the Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts Associate...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:08:49
113. Flat Panel TV Video Showcase
Are you looking for Flat Panel TV? This site is made for you! Scroll down and choose what suits you best!
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:05:34
114. Used Ipod
Are you looking for a Used Ipod? This site is made for you! Scroll down and choose what suits you best!
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:04:18
115. Iriver MP3 Player
Are you looking for Iriver MP3 Player? This site is made for you! Scroll down and choose what suits you best!
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:03:10
116. Suze Orman Video Showcase
Suze Orman (born Susan Lynn Orman on June 5, 1951 is an American financial advisor, writer, and television personality. Read the Wikipedia article about Suze Orman... Photo author: dominicanuniversit yofcalifornia from flickr.com Thank you very much for visiting this lens! I hope you enjoy it. If...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:01:57
117. ForexMentor Video Showcase
In his Video Forex Course, professional trader and author Peter Bain demonstrates simple yet powerful pivot currency trading systems used by professional traders. Read more about Peter Bain's pivot point system on this lens Trading Currencies - Introduction to forex trading.     Photo author: for...
business-and-work - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:59:10
118. SocialPicks
SocialPicks is a community for stock market investors to share investment ideas, exchange market research, and track peers' investment performance. SocialPicks also tracks picks by gurus (e.g. Warren Buffett & Jim Cramer), professional analysts, and various financial bloggers so you can see how w...
business-and-work - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:58:06
119. Craigslist Video Showcase
Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free classified advertisements (with jobs, internships, housing, personals, for sale/barter/wanted, services, community, gigs, resume, and pets categories) and forums on various topics. Read the Wikipedia article about Craigslis...
business-and-work - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:55:57
120. Reel-to-reel Tape Recorders Video Showcase
Reel-to-reel, open reel tape recording is the form of magnetic tape audio recording in which the recording medium is held on a reel, rather than being securely contained within a cassette. In use, the supply reel or feed reel containing the tape is mounted on a spindle; the end of the tape is man...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:53:49
121. "The Inner Light" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"The Inner Light" is a song written by George Harrison that was first released by The Beatles as a B-side to "Lady Madonna". It was the first ever Harrison composition to be featured on a Beatles single. The lyrics are a rendering of Chapter 47 in the Laozi's Dao De Jing, the foundational book of...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:51:31
122. Bauhaus
Bauhaus are an English rock band formed in Northampton in 1978 by Peter Murphy (vocals), Daniel Ash (guitar), Kevin Haskins (drums) and David J (bass). The band took their name from the German Bauhaus art movement, originally going by the name Bauhaus 1919, dropping the latter portion within a ye...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:50:12
123. ForexMentor
Professional trader and author Peter Bain teaches simple yet powerful pivot currency trading systems used by professional traders. Known as ForexMentor , he has long been known for his passion for commodity and forex trading and is the author of several trading related books. However, he's most f...
business-and-work - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:49:08
124. Saturn VUE Video Showcase
The Saturn VUE is a compact crossover SUV from General Motors' Saturn marque, and is Saturn's top-selling model in the United States. It was the first vehicle to use the GM Theta platform. The VUE is the oldest model in the Saturn lineup since the demise of the L-Series in 2005. A second generati...
cars - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:48:02
125. Lululemon Athletica Video Showcase
Did you now that the lululemon name was chosen in a survey of 100 people from a list of 20 brand names and 20 logos? The logo is actually a stylized A that was made for the first letter in the name athletically hip, a name which failed to make the grade.
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:38:01
126. "If I Needed Someone" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"If I Needed Someone" is a song by The Beatles which first appeared in the UK on the 1965 album Rubber Soul (see 1965 in music) and was later included in the 1966 U.S. release Yesterday...and Today (see 1966 in music). It was written by George Harrison and recorded on October 16 and October 18, 1...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:33:55
127. Miroslav Klose Video Showcase
Miroslav Klose (born Miroslaw Marian Kloze on June 9, 1978) is a German footballer who plays as a striker. He currently plays for FC Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga in Germany, and for the German National Football Team. He is known for his goalscoring instincts, aerial ability, and unselfish play...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:32:35
128. Kazimierz Deyna Video Showcase
Kazimierz Deyna (born October 23, 1947 in Starogard Gdaski died September 1, 1989 in San Diego, California) was a Polish football player, one of the best marksmen in the history of world football. He began playing youth football in 1958 with the local Wókniarz Starogard Gdaski Football Club. He ...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:29:19
129. How to choose the right batteries
Very few batteries can perform well in various devices and situations. For example, they can work well in your digital camera, but will perform poorly in your remote control. Photo: amazon.com
How-To & Education - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:27:55
130. Jim Courier Video Showcase
James Spencer "Jim" Courier, Jr. (born August 17, 1970, in Sanford, Florida) is a former world number one professional tennis player from the United States. During his ATP career, he won four Grand Slam singles titles two at the French Open and two at the Australian Open. In 2004, he co-founded ...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:26:22
131. Djimoun Hounsou
Djimon Hounsou moved to Paris at age 13 and became at the age of 22 dummy star Thierry Mugler. ... In 1990, Djimon Hounsou moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Two years later, he appeared in a minor role in the thriller Fatal Obsession by Jonathan Kaplan, followed by a large particip...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:15:54
132. "Lady Madonna" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Lady Madonna" is a song by The Beatles, written mostly by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon/McCartney. In March 1968 it was released as a single, backed by "The Inner Light". The song was recorded at Abbey Road Studios during sessions on 3 February and 6 February 1968 before the Beatles left...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:13:47
133. Bjrn Borg
He is the only player to have won both Wimbledon and the French Open in three consecutive years. Borg has also two incredible records stemming from his fabulous nine-year career - he won 41 percent of the Grand Slam singles tournaments he entered (11 of 27) and 89.8 percent of the Grand Slam sing...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:12:48
134. John Cena Video Showcase
John Felix Anthony Cena (born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, hip hop musician and actor. He currently works for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as a member of the Raw brand, though is currently inactive due to a legitimate torn pectoral muscle. He was in his third reign...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:02:12
135. Grad Dress Video Showcase
Looking for your dream grad dress? I hope you'll find some ideas here.
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:15:20
136. Sido Video Showcase
Sido is the stage name of the Berlin rapper Paul Wurdig (born November 30, 1980), an artist whose work is released by the German record label, Aggro Berlin. Sido distinguishes himself by using provocative and aggressive lyrics, and is often seen wearing a silver skull mask. The name "Sido" is an ...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:13:57
137. Daft Punk Video Showcase
Daft Punk is a duo consisting of Paris house musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (born February 8, 1974) and Thomas Bangalter (born January 3, 1975). The duo is considered one of the most successful electronic music collaborations of all time, both in album sales and in critical acclaim. After ...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:11:46
138. Boney M. Video Showcase
Boney M. was a pop and disco group. It comprised of four West Indian singers and dancers and masterminded by West German record producer Frank Farian. They were successful during the 1970s. The four original members of the band were Liz Mitchell (born on July 12, 1952, Clarendon, Jamaica), Marcia...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:10:29
139. Demis Roussos Video Showcase
Artemios (Demis) Ventouris Roussos (born June 15, 1946) is a Greek singer. He was born in Egypt to ethnic Greek parents George and Olga, and raised in Alexandria. His parents lost everything and moved to Greece after the Suez Crisis. His mother, Olga, is better known by her acting name, Nelly Maz...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:09:06
140. Vangelis Video Showcase
Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou is a world-renowned Greek composer of electronic, new age and classical music and musical performer, under the artist name Vangelis Papathanassiou or just Vangelis (a diminutive of Evangelos). He is best known for his Academy Award winning score for the film Char...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:07:42
141. Joe Dassin Video Showcase
Joe Dassin (November 5, 1938 August 20, 1980) was a French-speaking American expatriate musician. He later acquired dual citizenship (French and American). Dassin was born in New York City to film noir director Jules Dassin and Béatrice Launer. He began his childhood first in New York and Los An...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:06:42
142. Charles Aznavour Video Showcase
Charles Aznavour is an Armenian-French singer, songwriter, actor and public activist. Besides being one of France's most popular and enduring singers, he is also one of the most well-known singers in the world. He is known for his characteristic short figure and unique tenor voice; clear and ring...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:01:45
143. Jacques Brel Video Showcase
Jacques Romain Georges Brel (April 8, 1929 October 9, 1978) was a Belgian French-speaking singer-songwriter. The quality and style of his lyrics are highly regarded by many leading critics of popular music. Brel's songs are not especially well known in the English-speaking world except in transl...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 01:00:47
144. Edith Piaf Video Showcase
Édith Piaf (December 19, 1915October 11, 1963) was one of France's most beloved singers and became a national icon. Her singing reflected her tragic life, with her specialty being the poignant ballad performed in a heartbreaking voice. Among her famous songs are "La vie en rose" (1946), "Hymne ŕ ...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:59:35
145. Yves Montand Video Showcase
Yves Montand (October 13, 1921 November 9, 1991) was a French actor and singer. Montand was born Ivo Livi in Monsummano Terme, Italy to Josephine and Giovanni, poor peasants. Montand's family left Italy for France. He grew up in Marseille, where as a young man he worked in his sister's barber sh...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:58:34
146. Mireille Mathieu Video Showcase
Mireille Mathieu (born July 22, 1946) is a French singer, who besides being successful in her own country, became a star of international stature, recording in several languages. Read the Wikipedia article about Mireille Mathieu ... Photo author: GCL212 from flickr.com Thank you very much for vis...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:57:21
147. Gina Lollobrigida Video Showcase
Gina Lollobrigida (born July 4, 1927 in Subiaco, Italy), is a Golden Globe Award-winning Italian actress and photojournalist. Born Luigina Lollobrigida, she was one of four daughters of a furniture manufacturer (her sisters are Giuliana, Maria and Fernanda). She spent her youth in a picturesque m...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:56:29
148. Metallica Video Showcase
Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1981. Metallica has become one of the most commercially successful musical acts of recent decades, and are considered one of the "Big Four" pioneers of thrash metal, along with Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth. The band h...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:55:21
149. DJ Yoda Video Showcase
Duncan Beiny (born 1977 in London, United Kingdom), better known as DJ Yoda, is a Hip hop turntablist who utilises obscure samples to create a unique, cartoony style. He is described as "DJ Shadow with a sense of humour". Read the Wikipedia article about DJ Yoda... Photo author: Nizam Uddin from ...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:54:14
150. Ashley Tisdale Video Showcase
Ashley Michelle Tisdale (born July 2, 1985) is an American actress and singer. After appearing in several television roles during the late 1990s and early 2000s, she became known to young audiences for playing Maddie Fitzpatrick on the Disney Channel Original Series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody ...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:53:07
151. Albus Dumbledore Is Gay Video Showcase
CNN.com informed the shocked Harry Potter's fans that the author JK Rowling has just revealed that one of her characters, Hogwarts school headmaster Albus Dumbledore, is gay. From the "Dumbledore is gay, 'Harry Potter' author reveals" story we learn that during Rowling's appearance at the Carnegi...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:50:47
152. George Soros Video Showcase
George Soros (born August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary, as György Schwartz) is an American financial speculator, stock investor, philanthropist, and political activist. He has also promoted democracy in Eastern Europe. Currently, he is the chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society ...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:49:24
153. Fall Out Boy Video Showcase
Fall Out Boy (commonly abbreviated as FOB) is an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois, (a suburb of Chicago) that formed in 2001. The band consists of Patrick Stump (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and primary composer), Pete Wentz (bass guitar, backup vocals, and primary lyricist), Joe Trohman...
Music - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:48:14
154. Big White Ski Resort Video Showcase
Big White Ski Resort, simply Big White herein, is a ski resort located 56 km southeast of Kelowna, in the British Columbia interior. It is the second largest resort in British Columbia after Whistler-Blackcomb, making it one of the larger resorts in North America. It is the sister resort of Silve...
travel-and-places - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:46:45
155. Blue Mountain Video Showcase
Blue Mountain is a alpine ski resort situated on a section of the Niagara Escarpment about 1 km away from Georgian Bay, just northwest of Collingwood, Ontario. It is a major destination for skiers from the Toronto area, and sells more than 600,000 lift tickets annually, making it the third-busies...
travel-and-places - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:45:46
156. Mont Tremblant Resort Video Showcase
Mont Tremblant Resort is a large year round resort about one and a half hours north of Montreal. It is best known as a ski destination, but also features a lake suitable for swimming, and a golf course in the summer months. The name of the mountain, Mont Tremblant, means "trembling mountain" in F...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:44:00
157. Whistler-Blackcomb Video Showcase
Whistler-Blackcomb is a ski resort located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It is consistently rated the #1 ski resort in the world by Ski Magazine, due to the combination of extensive terrain, good snow, and a highly-rated nightlife. The two previously separate ski areas of Whistler and Bl...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:43:01
158. Naruto Video Showcase
Naruto (NARUTO - -, Naruto?) is a manga series written and illustrated by manga artist Masashi Kishimoto with an anime adaptation. The main character, Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, unpredictable adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition, as well as to become Hokage, ackn...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:40:52
159. Phonographs & Turntables Video Showcase
The phonograph, or gramophone, was the most common device for playing recorded sound from the 1870s through the 1980s. In more modern usage, this device is often called a turntable, record player, or record changer. Read the Wikipedia article about Phonograph... Photo author: plebeian regime from...
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:39:49
160. Smartphone Video Showcase
A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobile phone, often with personal computer-like functionality. There is no industry standard definition of a smartphone. For some, a smartphone is a phone which runs complete operating system software providing a stand...
computers-and-electronics - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:38:52
161. Art Buchwald
Art Buchwald (1925-2007) - a Pulitzer Prize-winning political satirist was known as the "Wit of Washington." Art Buchwald was a WWII vet and he began his career as a Paris corespondent for the New York Herald Tribune. In 1962, he became a D.C.-based syndicated columnist. He gained notoriety for s...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:37:51
162. Tokyo Motor Show 2007 Video Showcase
The Tokyo Motor Show is a biennial auto show held in October-November at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Japan for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), it is a recognized international show by the Organisation Internationale d...
cars - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:36:47
163. Honda CR-Z Video Showcase
The Honda CR-Z is a concept car set to debut at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. The name CR-Z stands for "Compact Renaissance Zero." Both the name and hatchback body style are reminiscent of the Honda CR-X. According to Honda, the concept is a "design research model of a lightweight hybrid sports car."...
cars - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:35:41
164. Nissan Pivo Video Showcase
The Nissan Pivo is a concept car created by Nissan. The Pivo was first introduced at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The car is essentially a 360 degree rotating cabin on a chassis of 4 wheels, and hence eliminates the need for reversing and makes parking easier. Rather than a typical internal combust...
cars - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:34:51
165. Halloween Recipes Video Showcase
The Wikipedia article on Halloween says that "because the holiday comes in the wake of the annual apple harvest, candy apples (also known as toffee, taffy or caramel apples) are a common Halloween treat made by rolling whole apples in a sticky sugar syrup, and sometimes rolling them in nuts." Oth...
food-and-cooking - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:33:47
166. Bikini Video Showcase
A bikini or two-piece is a type of women's swimsuit, characterized by two separate parts one covering the breasts, the other the groin (and optionally the buttocks), leaving an uncovered area between the two garments. It is often worn in hot weather and while swimming. The shapes of both parts o...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:32:27
167. Dancing With The Stars Video Showcase
Dancing with the Stars is the name for a number of international television series based on the format of the British series Strictly Come Dancing. Nevertheless, not all the international versions share this title. The format is distributed by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. Austral...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:31:34
168. Halo 3 Video Showcase
Halo 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. The game is the third title in the Halo series and ends the story arc begun in Halo: Combat Evolved and continued with Halo 2. The game was released on September 25, 2007 in New Zealand (which du...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:29:53
169. Playing Computer Games Video Showcase
A computer role-playing game (CRPG) is a broad video game genre originally developed for personal computers and other home computers. The earliest CRPGs were inspired by early role-playing games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons, and attempted to provide a similar play experience. Despite the vast...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:28:33
170. Nigel Hawthorne
Nigel Hawthorne's most famous roles were as Sir Humphrey Appleby in the television series Yes Minister (and its sequel, Yes, Prime Minister). For that he won four BAFTA awards. His greatest film achievement was King George III in the film adaptation of the play The Madness of George III, for whic...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:26:41
171. Return To The Moon
An interesting race is taking place in the airspace exploration industry and there is a huge prize for winning it. Google and the X Prize Foundation are sponsoring a contest to land a robotic rover on the moon and beam images and video to Earth. Only private companies from all over the world are ...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:25:48
172. Derek Richardson Video Showcase
Derek Richardson was born in Queensbury, New York. He began his career with guest roles on Law & Order and Strangers With Candy. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2002, he was cast in a recurring role on J.J. Abrams' Felicity as Keri Russell's love interest, before finding success on the big screen c...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:24:10
173. Albert Einstein Video Showcase
Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 April 18, 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist. He is best known for his theory of relativity and specifically mass-energy equivalence, E = mc2. Einstein received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics "for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:22:54
174. Dr. Wayne Dyer Video Showcase
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (born May 10, 1940 in Detroit, Michigan) is a popular American self-help advocate, author and lecturer. His 1976 book Your Erroneous Zones has sold over 30 million copies and is one of the best-selling books of all time. It is said to have "[brought] humanistic ideas to the mass...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:21:40
175. Best Buy Video Showcase
Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY) is a Fortune 100 company and the largest specialty retailer of consumer electronics in the United States and Canada, accounting for 17% of the market. The company's subsidiaries include Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, Pacific Sales, and, in Canada, Future Shop. To...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:20:17
176. Fall Fashion Video Showcase
Fall fashion trends and ideas.
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:19:08
177. Home Depot Video Showcase
The Home Depot (NYSE: HD) is an American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. Headquartered in Vinings, just outside Atlanta in unincorporated Cobb County, Georgia, Home Depot employs more than 355,000 people and operates 2,164 big-box format stores across the Unit...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:17:48
178. Anime Video Showcase
Anime is an abbreviation of the word "animation". Outside Japan, the term most popularly refers to animation originating from Japan; and to the Occidental way of thinking, not all animations are considered anime. Anime is therefore usually considered to be a subset of animation. Anime is traditio...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:13:19
179. McDonald's Monopoly Video Showcase
The McDonald's Monopoly game is a sweepstakes advertising promotion of McDonald's and Hasbro that has been offered in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia. In recent years, Best Buy has been involved in the U.S. version and recently in the Canadian one as well. It has also gone by various ...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:11:31
180. Janusz Zurakowski
Jan Zurakowski was Canada's Chuck Yeager, a test pilot known as "the best of the best." That's what about him wrote Bill Taylor in TheStar.com. And he continued in his obituary article "Jan Zurakowski, 89: Avro Arrow pilot" from May 13, 2004: "But the man who was the first to fly faster than soun...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:09:21
181. Ecotourism - ecological tourism
 Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing areas in the tourism industry. It is defined as responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people. Photo author: Mr. Nicolás from flickr.com
travel-and-places - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:07:37
182. Bookstore tourism
Bookstore tourism is a type of "cultural tourism" that promotes independent bookstores as a group travel destination. [defintion by The National Council on Bookstore Tourism] Bookstore tourism started as a grassroots effort to support locally owned and operated bookshops, many of which have strug...
travel-and-places - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:06:08
183. Joe Girard
Joe Girard was called "the world's greatest car salesman". He was selling cars at the Chevrolet dealership in Detroit. He was the #1 car salesman for twelve years straight, averaging more than five cars and trucks sold every day he worked. He said that his success was simply a result of the custo...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:04:27
184. Lorne Greene
Some of the Lorne Greene's memorable achievements: Ben Cartwright on the long-running western series Bonanza (19591973) host for the CBS nature documentary series "Last of the Wild" Commander Adama in the science fiction feature film and television series Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980 #...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:03:12
185. Jim Balsillie
Jim Balsillie is th co-CEO the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of The BlackBerry - a wireless handheld device introduced in 1999 which supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services. BlackBe...
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:01:11
186. Vladimir Putin Video Showcase
Not many people all over the world agree with that... But the Russians like their current tsar... Photo author: nesbitt.nick from flickr.com
culture-and-society - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 00:00:01
187. George Clooney Video Showcase
According to IMDB, George Clooney came to L.A. in 1982 and tried a whole year to get a role while he slept in a friend's closet. Some other "pearls" from IMDB: he dated Renée Zellweger and was talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell's very first guest and was one of People Magazine's "Top 50 Bachelors" (2...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:58:37
188. Tiger Woods Video Showcase
Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time, but I believe that he's much more than that... In my opinion, because he's dominating the golf field so much and he's already achieved so much with such easiness that ...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:57:54
189. Nicolas Cage Video Showcase
Did you know that Nicolas Cage was born Nicholas Kim Coppola? Very interesting, isn't it? Yeah, and his uncle is the famous director Francis Ford Coppola. So, of course, Sofia Coppola is his cousin...   Read Wikipedia article about him and IMDB information about his achievements....   Photo autho...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:56:29
190. Jodie Foster Video Showcase
Not many actors were able to win back-to-back Oscars. But Jodie Foster did! For "The Accused" and "Silence of the Lambs"... Read more about this popular actress. Photo author: cubaprensa from flickr.com
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:54:41
191. Pioneer Tape Recorders Video Showcase
Pioneer Corporation (TYO: 6773) is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in digital entertainment products, based in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in 1938 in Tokyo as a radio and speaker repair shop. Today, Pioneer is well-known for technology advancements in the consumer ...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:53:07
192. Sirius Satellite System Video Showcase
Are you looking for Sirius Satellite Systems? Scroll down and find the best offers on Amazon and eBay.
computers-and-electronics - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:50:38
193. Chevy Chase Video Showcase
Chevy Chase (born October 8, 1943) is an Emmy Award-winning American comedian, writer, and television and film actor. Born into a prominent family, Chase became a sensation as a cast member in the inaugural season of Saturday Night Live. He also hosted the Academy Awards twice (1987 and 1988) and...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:49:17
194. John Belushi Video Showcase
John Adam Belushi (January 24, 1949 March 5, 1982) was an Emmy Award-winning American comedian, actor and musician, notable for his work on Saturday Night Live, National Lampoon's Animal House and The Blues Brothers. Read the Wikipedia article about John Belushi... Photo author: nebumix from fli...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:48:01
195. Dan Aykroyd Video Showcase
Daniel Edward Aykroyd CM (born July 1, 1952) is an Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Canadian/American comedian, actor, screenwriter, and musician. He was an original cast member of Saturday Night Live, an originator of the Blues Brothers (with John Belushi), and has had a long caree...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:46:04
196. Samsung Headset Video Showcase
Are you looking for Samsung Headsets ? Scroll down and find the best offers on Amazon and eBay.
computers-and-electronics - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:21:33
197. Can Bears And People Live Together?
People and bears can live together very well. The Resort Municipality of Whistler, British Columbia that will be the host city of 2010 Winter Olympics is setting a great example of safe coexistence of people and the black bears. Whistler is located in prime black bear habitat, so whether you're l...
pets-and-animals - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:15:50
198. Nintendo Wii Video Showcase
Are you looking for Nintendo Wii? Scroll down and find interesting offers. Read the Wikipedia article about Wii... Photo author: sheshymaroii from flickr.com
computers-and-electronics - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:05:35
199. Pumpernickel Video Showcase
Pumpernickel is a type of German bread traditionally made with rye meal (a coarsely ground form of the rye flour). It is now often made with a combination of rye flour and whole rye berries. It has been long associated with the Westphalia region of Germany. The first written mention of the black ...
food-and-cooking - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 22:59:42
200. Diamond Rings Video Showcase
Are you looking for Diamond rings? Scroll down and find interesting offers. Photo author: scoobs from flickr.com
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 22:44:45
201. Victoria's Secret Video Showcase
Are you looking for Victoria's Secret lingerie and beauty products? Scroll down and find interesting offers. Read the Wikipedia article about Victoria's Secret... Photo author: corremadrid from flickr.com
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 20:52:26
202. Mats Wilander Video Showcase
Mats Wilander (born August 22, 1964) is a former World No. 1 tennis player from Sweden who won seven Grand Slam singles titles and one Grand Slam doubles title. He is particularly remembered for winning three of the four Grand Slam singles events in 1988, his most successful year on the tour. He ...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 20:35:44
203. Ilie Nastase Video Showcase
Ilie Nastase (born July 19, 1946, in Bucharest, Romania) is a former Romanian professional tennis player and one of the top players of the 1970s. Nastase was the World No. 1 in 1973 according to the Association of Tennis Professionals computer rankings, which placed him first from August 23, 1973...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 20:30:40
204. Joe Sakic
Joe Sakic, called "The Burnaby Joe" in Vancouver area, is a Canadian professional ice hockey center who has played his entire National Hockey League (NHL) career with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche franchise. In his 18-year tenure, Sakic has won two Stanley Cups, various NHL trophies and...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 20:23:54
205. Markus Naslund
Markus Näslund the captain of the Vancouver Canucks has played 10 seasons for the Vancouver Canucks as of 2007. The Canucks fans call him "Nazzy", but he is nicknamed "Macke" in his native Sweden. Read the Wikipedia article about Markus Naslund... Photo author: MicrowavePhotography from flickr.co...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 20:13:22
206. Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks joined the NHL in 1970. Here are their "firsts": First NHL Captain: Orland Kurtenbach First NHL Game: October 9, 1970 vs. Los Angeles Kings First NHL Victory: October 11, 1970 5-3 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs First NHL Goal Scored: Barry Wilkins vs. Kings   Read the Wikipedia article...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 20:07:45
207. Don Cherry
 Photo author: Juice McNizzle from flickr.com
culture-and-society - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 19:45:09
208. Brett Hull Video Showcase
Brett Andrew Hull (born August 9, 1964 in Belleville, Ontario) is a former NHL player, the current interim co-general manager of the Dallas Stars, and the son of legendary player Bobby Hull and nephew of Dennis Hull. Though in the earliest years of his career few saw him as a potential star, the ...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 19:34:12
209. Stefan Edberg Video Showcase
Stefan Bengt Edberg (born January 19, 1966 in Västervik, Sweden) is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player (in both singles and doubles play) from Sweden. During his career, he won six Grand Slam singles titles and three Grand Slam doubles titles. Edberg is well known as one of the best ...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 19:22:17
210. Boris Becker Video Showcase
Boris Franz Becker (born November 22, 1967) is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player from Germany. He is a six-time Grand Slam singles champion, an Olympic gold medalist, and the youngest-ever winner of the men's singles title at Wimbledon at the age of 17. Since he retired from the pro...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 17:19:32
211. Ivan Lendl Video Showcase
Ivan Lendl (born March 7, 1960) is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player. He was one of the game's most dominant players in the 1980s and remained a top competitor into the early 1990s. Tennis magazine named him as one of the ten greatest tennis players since 1966, calling him "the game...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 17:13:44
212. Yannick Noah Video Showcase
Yannick Noah (born May 18, 1960, Sedan, Ardennes, France) is a former professional tennis player from France. He is best remembered for winning the men's singles title at the French Open in 1983, and as a highly-successful captain of France's Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams. Since his retirement from...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 16:59:46
213. Guillermo Vilas Video Showcase
Guillermo Vilas (born August 17, 1952 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a former Argentine professional tennis player. Vilas turned professional in 1969, finishing in the top ten from 1974 to 1982. He was a clay-court specialist, but also played well in hardcourt, grass and carpet. A southpaw, Vilas...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 16:53:29
214. Arthur Ashe Video Showcase
Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. (July 10, 1943 February 6, 1993) was a prominent African American tennis player who was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. During his playing career, he won three Grand Slam titles. Ashe is also remembered for his efforts to further social causes. In his youth, Ashe w...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 16:52:52
215. Tila Tequila Video Showcase
Tila Nguyen was born on October 24, 1981 is known as Tila Tequila. She is an American model, entertainer, and singer residing in West Hollywood, California. Tila Tequila is known for her appearances in Stuff, Maxim, Time, her role as host of the Fuse TV show Pants-Off Dance-Off and her position a...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 05:11:46
216. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Video Showcase
According to the well-informed sources at Wikipedia, in January 2007 Justin Timberlake was linked to Jessica Biel when pictures surfaced of the two snowboarding in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival. On May 12, 2007, the gossip was refueled with the release of romantic pictures of ...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 05:10:12
217. JoJo Video Showcase
JoJo (born Joanna Noëlle Levesque on December 20, 1990) is an American pop and R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress who rose to fame in 2004 with her platinum-certified, self-titled debut album JoJo which reached number four on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. JoJo has also begun a f...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 05:07:38
218. Timbaland Video Showcase
Timothy Z. Mosley (born March 10, 1971) better known by his stage name Timbaland, is an American musical composer, record producer, singer and rapper. With partner Magoo, he is a member of hip-hop duo Timbaland & Magoo. Timbaland has been considered similar to producers such as Brian Eno, Phil Sp...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 05:06:04
219. Paula DeAnda Video Showcase
Paula Dacia DeAnda (born November 3, 1989) is an American R&B/pop singer and actress born in San Angelo, Texas. She currently resides in Corpus Christi, Texas. Paula DeAnda grew up listening to Selena, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, and other female vocalists, often performing their songs with her co...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 05:02:39
220. Nickelback Video Showcase
Nickelback is a Canadian hard rock/alternative metal band formed in Hanna, Alberta by Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger, Ryan Peake and Brandon Kroeger. Although the founders of the band hail from Hanna, Alberta, a small town east of Calgary, they are now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Th...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:47:59
221. Korn Video Showcase
Korn is a band from Bakersfield, California, and are credited with creating and popularizing the nu metal genre. Along with other bands at the time, they have also inspired many nu metal and alternative metal bands throughout the mid 1990s and early 2000s. The band's catalogue consists of nine c...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:42:27
222. Eminem Video Showcase
Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), better known by his stage names Eminem and Slim Shady, is an Oscar and multiple Grammy Award winning rapper, record producer, and actor from Detroit, Michigan. Having sold over seventy million albums worldwide, Eminem is one of the highest-selli...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:41:17
223. Akon Video Showcase
Akon (born Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam on April 30, 1973 or 1981) is a Senegalese-American hip hop and R&B singer, songwriter, occasional rapper and record producer. Akon rose to fame in 2004 following the release of his single "Locked Up" from his debut album ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:39:50
224. Barenaked Ladies Video Showcase
If you're their fan, you're most probably calling Barenaked Ladies just "BNL". And if you're not their fan, I suggest that you go to their concert. They don't cost much - about $50. And believe me, this will be money well spent... They are so good! If you disagree, please write about it in my Gue...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:38:20
225. Sunshine Anderson Video Showcase
Sunshine Anderson is an African-American R&B singer. She was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but later moved to Charlotte as a child. Wallace Sellars, a friend of a producer/Soulife A&R Vice President, Mike City, heard Anderson singing on her way to the cafeteria of North Carolina Central ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:36:41
226. Nelly Furtado Video Showcase
Nelly Kim Furtado (born December 2, 1978) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer, and instrumentalist, who also holds Portuguese citizenship.Furtado came to fame in 2000 with the release of her debut album Whoa, Nelly!, which featured her breakthrough Grammy Award-winning single "I'm l...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:30:09
227. My Chemical Romance Video Showcase
My Chemical Romance (often shortened to MCR) is an American rock band that formed in 2001. The current members of the band are Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, Bob Bryar and Mikey Way. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Eyeball Records and released their debut album I Brought You My Bulle...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:28:57
228. Chris Brown Video Showcase
Christopher Maurice Brown (born May 5, 1989), professionally known as Chris Brown, is an American hip hop and R&B singer, dancer, and actor who released his Billboard Hot 100 number-one debut single "Run It!" in 2005, which was produced by Scott Storch and featured Juelz Santana. His self-titled ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:27:33
229. Three Days Grace Video Showcase
Three Days Grace (also known as 3DG or TDG) is a Canadian post-grunge band formed in 1997. The band consists of Adam Gontier, Neil Sanderson, Brad Walst and Barry Stock... Read the Wikipedia article about Three Days Grace...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:25:47
230. Avril Lavigne Video Showcase
Avril Lavigne Whibley, better known by her birth name of Avril Lavigne, born September 27, 1984 is a Canadian rock/punk-pop singer, musician and actress. In 2006, Canadian Business Magazine ranked her the seventh most powerful Canadian in Hollywood, and in 2007 she won ninth place in the Jabra Mu...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:24:17
231. 50 Cent Video Showcase
Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975), better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper. He rose to fame following the release of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre. 50 Cent achieved multi-platinum success with both albums, selling over twenty-one million recor...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 04:23:00
232. Linkin Park Video Showcase
Linkin Park is a rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Forming in 1996, the band had since sold more than forty million albums and won two Grammys. With their debut album, Hybrid Theory, they achieved mainstream success; the album certifying Diamond from the RIAA. Their following studio album,...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:52:46
233. Vanessa Hudgens Video Showcase
Vanessa Anne Hudgens, (also known simply as) Vanessa Hudgens, (born December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California[1]) is an American actress and singer. She made her screen debut in 2003 and appeared in the Hollywood films Thirteen and Thunderbirds, before reaching fame in the 2006 hit Disney Channel ...
Entertainment - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:51:29
234. Soulja Boy Video Showcase
Soulja Boy, is an American rapper. He was born as DeAndre Chad Ramone Way on July 28, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. In September 2007, his single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Read the Wikipedia article about Soulja Boy... Photo author: antonettelmoore from f...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:49:48
235. Music Lyrics Video Showcase
Music lyrics are simply the words of a song. Read the Wikipedia article about Music Lyrics. The Wikipedia also compiled Online music and lyrics databases. On other note, Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore played in the popular 2007 movie "Music and Lyrics". Photo author: Aleksu from flickr.com
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:48:22
236. Riley Giles Video Showcase
According to Just Jared, Lindsay Lohan is dating Riley Giles - a snowboarder/fellow rehabber from Newport Beach, California!... Read the Wikipedia article about Lindsay Lohan... Photo author: CelebrityTrashcan.com from flickr.com
culture-and-society - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:46:35
237. Mike Oldfield
Tubular Bells was Mike Oldfield's most famous work. The instrumental composition was recorded in 1972 and launched on 25 May, 1973 The album quickly reached the Top 10 of the UK album chart and has spent 279 weeks on the chart to date, a figure bettered by only ten other albums in chart history. ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:39:26
238. Rik Emmett
Although he was called "rock guitar god", Rick Emmett is also a great jazz and blues musician. And he is a classic guitar virtuoso.   Photo author: bonseye from flickr.com
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:38:06
239. David Foster
David Foster worked with and produced albums of such great artists as: Michael Buble, Clay Aiken, Josh Groban, Katharine McPhee, Céline Dion, Faith Hill, The Corrs, The Bee Gees, John Lennon, George Harrison, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Richard Marx,...
culture-and-society - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:36:55
240. John Mayer Video Showcase
John Mayer rocketed to the stardom with a huge hit Your Body Is a Wonderland for which he won a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. He was 26 then - quite young, really, but many people believed he was only 16 as he looked very young... He won many more awards since then - e.g., in 2007 h...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:34:29
241. Jimmy Page Video Showcase
Before founding one of the most famous rock bands - Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page was a member of another super-group - The Yardbirds that consisted (among others) of him, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and James MCarthy... For his work as the member and leader of the Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page is admired by ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:33:14
242. Faithless Video Showcase
Faithless are a British band whose music is described by the band as a cross between hip-hop and dance. While they are mostly famous for their dance songs ("Insomnia" "God Is A DJ" and "We Come 1"), they try to produce albums which offer a blend of styles. Read the Wikipedia article about Faithle...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:31:35
243. Basement Jaxx Video Showcase
Basement Jaxx is a critically acclaimed UK electronic dance music duo, comprising Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, that rose to popularity in the late 1990s. Read the Wikipedia article about Basement Jaxx... Photo author: stevec7 from flickr.com
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:30:05
244. Erick Morillo Video Showcase
Erick Morillo (1971-) is an American DJ, music producer and record label owner. Having produced under a number of pseudonyms, including Ministers De la Funk, The Dronez, RAW, Smooth Touch, RBM, Deep Soul, Club Ultimate and Li'l Mo Ying Yang, Morillo is best known for his international work in hou...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:29:01
245. Yanni Video Showcase
Yanni (born Yiannis Hrysomallis ( Pronounced Chrysomallis ), on November 14, 1954 in Kalamata, Greece) is a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and composer with perfect pitch. He left his homeland at the age of 18 to attend the University of Minnesota. After receiving a B.A. in psychology, he woul...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:27:37
246. John Tesh Video Showcase
John Frank Tesh (born July 9, 1952) is an American pianist and composer of new age and contemporary Christian music. He is also a nationally syndicated radio host, and has previously served as a sportscaster, news anchor and reporter. Besides the piano, he also plays the keyboard, guitar, saxopho...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:26:02
247. Jim Brickman Video Showcase
Jim Brickman (born November 20, 1961) is an American composer and contemporary pianist. Brickman is known for his original solo piano compositions, which are classified as new age music. However, he is as well known for his original love songs and performing them with vocalists such as Anne Cochr...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:24:40
248. Michelle Wright Video Showcase
Michelle Wright (born July 1, 1961 in Morpeth, Ontario) is a Canadian country music singer. She is one of the country's most widely recognised and awarded female country singers of the '90s, winning the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA) Fans' Choice Entertainer Of The Year Award twice in 1993 ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:23:30
249. Bryan Adams Video Showcase
Bryan Adams (born 5 November 1959) is a Canadian rock singer, guitarist, songwriter and photographer. Some of his best-known albums are Reckless, 18 til I Die, and Waking Up the Neighbours. Adams was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia for his contribution to popular mus...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:22:05
250. John Mellencamp Video Showcase
John Mellencamp, also known as John Cougar and John Cougar Mellencamp, (born October 7, 1951) is best known for being an American rock singer-songwriter. John Mellencamp was born in Seymour, Indiana. He joined a soul band named "Crepe Soul" and served as one of two lead singers in the group. His ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:20:42
251. Jo Dee Messina Video Showcase
Jo-Dee Marie Messina (born August 25, 1970 in Holliston, Massachusetts, U.S.) is an American Country Music Singer-songwriter, who came to fame in the mid-1990s. She is best-known for her kiss-off songs, like 1997's "Bye Bye", 1999's "Lesson in Leavin'", and 2005's "My Give a Damn's Busted". Shes ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:19:10
252. George Strait Video Showcase
George Harvey Strait, (born May 18, 1952), is an American country music singer. The native Texan is known for his honky tonk country western sound. Strait is sometimes referred to as the "King of Country" and some critics call Strait a living legend (Bego, 2001). George Strait is well known for h...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:17:35
253. Brad Paisley Video Showcase
Brad Douglas Paisley (born October 28, 1972 in Glen Dale, West Virginia) is an American country music singer-songwriter and guitarist. Starting with the release of his 1999 album Who Needs Pictures, Brad has recorded five studio albums and a Christmas compilation on the Arista Nashville label, wi...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:16:14
254. Rodney Crowell Video Showcase
Rodney J. Crowell (born August 7, 1950) is a country music singer/songwriter. Crowell was born in Houston, Texas to James Walter Crowell and Addie Cauzette Willoughby. He is considered to be part of both the alternative country and the mainstream country music camps. He is a contemporary of Steve...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:14:59
255. Amy Grant Video Showcase
Amy Lee Grant (born November 25, 1960 in Augusta, Georgia) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her Contemporary Christian Music and pop music, as well as a New York Times Bestselling author, TV personality, and occasional actress. Grant made her debut in 1977 as a teenager, and score...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:13:33
256. Ricky Skaggs Video Showcase
Ricky Lee Skaggs (born July 18, 1954, in Lawrence County, Kentucky) is a country and bluegrass singer, musician, producer, and composer. He plays fiddle, guitar, banjo, and, primarily, mandolin. Read the Wikipedia article about Ricky Skaggs... Photo author: arvadacenter from flickr.com
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:12:03
257. Dwight Yoakam Video Showcase
Dwight David Yoakam (born October 23, 1956) is an American country music singer, songwriter, and actor. Yoakam was born in Pikeville, Kentucky, the son of Ruth Ann, a key-punch operator, and David Yoakam, a gas-station owner. He was raised in Columbus, Ohio, growing up with his mother and step-fa...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:10:08
258. Mark Chesnutt Video Showcase
Mark Chesnutt (born Mark Nelson Chesnutt, September 6, 1963 in Beaumont, Texas) is an American country music singer known for his neotraditionalist country style. Chesnutt made his debut on the national music scene in 1990 with his debut single "Too Cold at Home". Chesnutt is the second son of Bo...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:08:47
259. Pete Townshend Video Showcase
Pete Townshend (born Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend on May 19, 1945 in Chiswick, London), is an award-winning English rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, and composer. Townshend made his name as the guitarist and principal songwriter for rock band The Who. His career with them spans more than 4...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:07:39
260. Jean Michel Jarre Video Showcase
Jean-Michel André Jarre (born 24 August 1948 in Lyon, France) is a French composer, performer and music producer. He is highly regarded as one of the pioneers in the Electronic, Synth Pop, Experimental and New Age genres, as well as the organiser of record-breaking outdoor spectacles of his music...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:06:19
261. Solidarity Video Showcase
Solidarity (Solidarnosc) - full name: Independent Self-governing Trade Union "Solidarity" Niezalezny Samorzadny Zwiazek Zawodowy "Solidarnosc") is a Polish trade union federation founded in September 1980 at the then Lenin Shipyards, and originally led by Lech Walesa. It was the first non-commun...
culture-and-society - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:05:07
262. Gerry Rafferty Video Showcase
Gerry Rafferty (born Gerald Rafferty, 16 April 1947, in Paisley) is a Scottish singer and songwriter. He is the son of a Scottish mother and an Irish father. In his early years, Gerry Rafferty earned money by the formerly illegal practice of busking on the London Underground. Poetically, his bigg...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:03:52
263. Joseph Heller
Joseph Heller is known as one of the best post-World War satirists. He is remembered mostly by his landmark Catch-22; his works centered on the lives of various members of the middle classes and remain exemplars of modern satire. Photo author: Swiv from flickr.com
arts-and-design - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:02:30
264. Paul Brandt Video Showcase
Paul Brandt, born July 21, 1972 as Paul Rennee Belobersycky in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is the most awarded male Country singer in Canadian history. Brandt's music has been used by Dave Matthews and Johnny Cash on the epic Mel Gibson "We Were Soldiers" soundtrack, a duet of the song written by P...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 03:01:22
265. Anne Murray Video Showcase
Anne Murray, (born Morna Anne Murray on June 20, 1945) is a Canadian singer born in Springhill, Nova Scotia, known for her rich alto voice and her choice of songs appealing to listeners over a broad spectrum, including Pop, Country and Adult Contemporary styles. For many, her fame as the represen...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:59:52
266. Jason McCoy Video Showcase
Jason McCoy (born August 27, 1970 in Minesing, Ontario) is a Canadian singer/songwriter who performs country music. He has won many awards including the 2001 Male Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Awards, 3 SOCAN Song of the Year awards, 19 CCMA nominations and 5 Juno nominations...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:58:41
267. K.D. Lang Video Showcase
K.D. Lang OC (or k.d. lang, born Kathryn Dawn Lang on November 2, 1961) is a Grammy Award-winning Canadian singer and songwriter. Lang was born November 2, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta to Audrey and Fred Lang. The family moved to Consort, Alberta, when she was nine months old, and there she grew up ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:57:18
268. Carolyn Dawn Johnson Video Showcase
Carolyn Dawn Johnson (born April 30, 1971) is a Canadian Juno award winning country music singer and songwriter. Carolyn Dawn Johnson was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta to John Johnson, a farmer and operator of a seed-cleaning business, and Loretta Johnson, a supervisor of a home for senior citi...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:54:41
269. Lisa Brokop Video Showcase
Lisa Brokop is a Canadian country music singer/songwriter and actress (in the 1993 film Harmony Cats), born June 6, 1973, in Surrey, British Columbia, a suburb of Vancouver. Beginning her musical career at age seven in her native B.C., Brokop went professional at age fifteen. In 1991, at seventee...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:53:11
270. Terri Clark Video Showcase
Terri Lynn Sauson (born on August 5, 1968 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian country music singer-songwriter best known by her stage name Terri Clark. Starting with her 1994 debut single "Better Things to Do", Clark has charted several singles on both the U.S. and Canadian country music charts, i...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:51:33
271. Craig Conroy Video Showcase
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:50:02
272. Marty Stuart Video Showcase
Marty Stuart (b. September 30, 1958, Philadelphia, Mississippi) is an American country music singer, known for both his traditional style, and eclectic merging of rockabilly, honky tonk, and traditional country music. In the early-1990s, he had a successful string of Country hits. Once infamous f...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:48:10
273. Dolly Parton Video Showcase
Dolly Rebecca Parton (born January 19, 1946) is an American, Grammy Award-winning country music singer/songwriter, composer, author, actress, and philanthropist. In 2006, Parton was a Kennedy Centre honoree for her lifetime contribution to American culture and the performing arts. Read the Wikipe...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:46:33
274. Alison Krauss Video Showcase
Alison Krauss (born July 23, 1971) is an American bluegrass-country singer and fiddle player. Alison Krauss entered the music industry at a young age, winning local contests by the age of ten and recording for the first time on her brother's album at fourteen. Alison Krauss signed with Rounder Re...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:45:07
275. Travis Tritt Video Showcase
Travis Tritt (born James Travis Tritt, February 9, 1963 in Marietta, Georgia) is a Grammy award-winning American country music singer-songwriter and occasional actor. Starting with the release of his debut single "Country Club" in 1989, Travis Tritt has charted more than thirty singles on the U.S...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:43:49
276. Joe Diffie Video Showcase
Joe Diffie (born Joe Logan Diffie, December 28, 1958, in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American country music singer-songwriter known for his ballads and novelty songs, in a manner similar to George Jones. Starting with Diffie's debut single "Home", he has charted seventeen Top 10 hits (five of which, c...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:41:05
277. Alan Jackson Video Showcase
Alan Eugene Jackson (born 17 October 1958 in Newnan, Georgia) is an American country singer-songwriter. Influenced by the new traditional country of the 1980s, he was one of the most popular country singers of the 1990s, blending both honky tonk and mainstream country sounds and penning many of h...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:39:53
278. Clint Black Video Showcase
Clint Patrick Black (born February 4, 1962) is an American neotraditional country music singer, songwriter, producer and occasional actor. Signed to RCA Records in 1989, Black made his debut with his Killin' Time album, which produced four straight Number One singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Cou...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:38:42
279. The Jimi Hendrix Experience Video Showcase
The Jimi Hendrix Experience was a highly influential, though short-lived, English/American rock band famous for the guitar work of frontman Jimi Hendrix on songs such as "Purple Haze", "Foxy Lady", "Fire", "Hey Joe", "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", "All Along the Watchtower", "Little Wing" and "S...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:36:12
280. Electric Light Orchestra Video Showcase
Electric Light Orchestra, also known as ELO, were a rock music group from Birmingham, England that released eleven studio albums and 1/2 soundtrack between 1971-86, then another album in 2001. The band's direction and focus for most of its history was driven by Jeff Lynne. It was in the United St...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:34:40
281. Green Day Video Showcase
Green Day is an American rock band formed in 1987. The band consists of three core members: Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, lead vocals), Mike Dirnt (bass) and Tré Cool (drums). Green Day was originally part of the punk rock scene at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California. Its early releases for...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:33:19
282. The Stranglers Video Showcase
The Stranglers are an English rock music group, formed on September 11, 1974 in Guildford, Surrey. They were originally called The Guildford Stranglers and operated out of an off licence in the Surrey town called the 'Jackpot' which was run by their drummer. Original personnel were drummer Jet Bl...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:31:00
283. Kraftwerk Video Showcase
Kraftwerk (German for "power plant") is a Grammy Award-nominated, German musical group from Düsseldorf. The Kraftwerk sound combines a driving rhythm section with catchy, synthesized melodies and harmony; mainly following a classical style of arrangement accompanied by simple lyrics which are som...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:30:02
284. Tears For Fears Video Showcase
Tears for Fears are a popular English pop band formed in the early 1980s by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, which emerged after the dissolution of their first band, the mod-influenced Graduate. They were initially associated with New Wave and the burgeoning wave of synthesiser bands of the early 1...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:28:48
285. Spear Of Destiny Video Showcase
Spear of Destiny is a British rock band, established in 1983 by singer and songwriter Kirk Brandon (born on 3 August 1956, in Westminster, London) and bassist Stan Stammers (born on 19 May 1961). It had an ever-changing line-up through the years. Brandon had previously been in The Pack, and from ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:27:43
286. Don Williams Video Showcase
Don Williams (born May 27, 1939 in Floydada, Texas), is a country singer and songwriter. He grew up in Portland, TX and attended Gregory-Portland High School and graduated in 1958. After seven years with the folk-pop group Pozo Seco Singers, he began his solo career in 1971, singing popular balla...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:26:12
287. Sarah McLachlan Video Showcase
Sarah Ann McLachlan, (born January 28, 1968) is a Grammy-winning Canadian musician, singer and songwriter. She is known for the emotional sound of her ballads. Some of her most popular songs include "Angel", "Building a Mystery", "Adia", "Possession", "Fallen", "I Will Remember You", and "World o...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:24:59
288. "Waiting On The World To Change" By John Mayer Video Showcase
"Waiting on the World to Change" is the first single released from John Mayer's 2006 studio album, Continuum. The song enjoyed general critical acclaim as well as commercial success as a single. For this song, Mayer won the Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 49th Grammy Awards. Bec...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:23:41
289. "One Week" Video Showcase
"One Week" is a 1998 hit single by Barenaked Ladies. It is often regarded as the song that propelled the band to superstar status outside Canada. One reason for the song's popularity was the large number of pop culture references worked into the lyrics. It remains the band's biggest hit to date. ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:20:29
290. "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" Video Showcase
"Lovers in a Dangerous Time" is a song by Bruce Cockburn, originally released on his 1984 album Stealing Fire. The song was a Top 40 hit for Cockburn, peaking at #25 on the Canadian charts the week of August 18, 1984. According to Cockburn, the song was inspired by seeing teenagers expressing rom...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:18:46
291. "The Old Apartment" Video Showcase
"The Old Apartment" (often just "Old Apartment") is a song by Canadian alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies. It was the band's first American hit, and appears on the albums Born on a Pirate Ship, Rock Spectacle and Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001. The video for the song was directed...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:17:25
292. "All Along The Watchtower" Video Showcase
"All Along the Watchtower" is a song written by singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. It is notable for the fact that Dylan has performed this song more often in concert than any of his other compositions. It has been estimated that by the end of 2003, Dylan had sung the song 1,400 times. It is also notab...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:16:09
293. "Hey Jude" by The Beatles Video Showcase
"Hey Jude" is a rock ballad written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon/McCartney) and recorded by The Beatles in 1968. Originally titled "Hey Jules", the song was written by McCartney to comfort John Lennon's son Julian during his parents' divorce. "Hey Jude" begins with a verse-bridge structu...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:08:01
294. "Let It Be" by The Beatles Video Showcase
"Let It Be" is a song written by Paul McCartney (although credited to Lennon/McCartney), and released by The Beatles as a single in March 1970, as the title track of their album, Let It Be. The song was inspired by McCartney's mother, Mary McCartney, after he dreamt about her saying the words, "l...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:06:54
295. "Something" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Something" is a single released by The Beatles in 1969, and featured on the album Abbey Road. "Something" was the first song written by George Harrison to appear on the A-side of a Beatles single, sharing top billing on the double A-side single with "Come Together" in the United Kingdom. It was ...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:00:14
296. "Strawberry Fields Forever" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Strawberry Fields Forever" is a song recorded at the end of 1966 by The Beatles, and released at the beginning of 1967. Widely considered to be one of the group's best recordings, it is also one of the defining works of the psychedelic rock genre. Although conventionally credited to both John Le...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 01:58:45
297. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is a rock ballad written by George Harrison for The Beatles on their double album The Beatles (also known as The White Album). George Harrison originally performed the song with a solo acoustic guitar and an organ; a demo version, longer than the officially released...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 01:57:33
298. "Across The Universe" By Beatles Video Showcase
"Across the Universe" is a song by The Beatles that first appeared on a charity release in December 1969, and later, in modified form, on their final album, Let It Be. The song features John Lennon singing lead, who was also the primary composer (though, as with all Beatles songs written by eithe...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 01:55:44
299. "Here Comes The Sun" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Here Comes the Sun" is a song by George Harrison from The Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road. The song, one of Harrison's most well-known Beatles contributions alongside "Something," had its genesis with a songwriting collaboration between Harrison and close friend Eric Clapton called "Badge," recor...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 01:54:09
300. "Norwegian Wood" by The Beatles Video Showcase
"Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" is a song by The Beatles which first appeared on the 1965 album Rubber Soul. While credited to Lennon-McCartney, it was primarily written by John Lennon, though Paul McCartney contributed to the middle eight section. It is notable as one of the first Western...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 01:52:59
301. "Continuum" - album by John Mayer Video Showcase
Continuum is the third major label studio album from John Mayer and was officially released in the United States on September 12, 2006. It marked a change in Mayer's musical style, and incorporated blues and rhythm and blues elements more heavily than before. Continuum was often played live and b...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 18:41:09
302. Dragonforce
DragonForce was formed in 1999 from the remnants of black metal band Demoniac (and various other extreme metal groups) under the name of DragonHeart.They got their name from their favorite game Dragon Warrior but soon changed their name to DragonForce before releasing any commercial albums due to...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 18:38:36
303. Myspace Layouts Video Showcase
With a bit of work you can change your MySpace layout and by doing that you will make your MySpace profile much more exciting! This, of course, means many more visitors and lots of friends... Read the Wikipedia article about MySpace ... Photo author: kpishdadi from flickr.com
How-To & Education - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 18:30:44
304. "Yesterday" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Yesterday" is a pop song originally recorded by The Beatles for their album Help! (1965). According to the Guinness Book of Records, "Yesterday" has the most cover versions of any song ever written. The song remains popular today with more than 3000 recorded cover versions, the first hitting the...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 04:24:38
305. Grey Cup Video Showcase
The Grey Cup (in French: Coupe Grey) is both the name of the championship of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the name of the trophy awarded to the victorious team. It is Canada's largest annual sports and television event, regularly drawing a Canadian viewing audience of about 4 million. T...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 04:23:25
306. "Eleanor Rigby" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Eleanor Rigby" is a song by The Beatles, originally released on the 1966 album Revolver. The song was primarily written by Paul McCartney, although in an interview conducted with Playboy magazine in 1980, John Lennon claimed that "the first verse was his and the rest are basically mine." Pete Sh...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 04:21:59
307. "Her Majesty" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Her Majesty" is the name of a song written by Paul McCartney (although credited to Lennon/McCartney) that appears on The Beatles' album Abbey Road. "Her Majesty" appears as the final track. It was originally placed between "Mean Mr. Mustard" and "Polythene Pam". Paul decided this sequence did no...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 04:20:31
308. "The Fool On The Hill" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"The Fool on the Hill" is a song by The Beatles. It was written and sung by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon/McCartney) and recorded in 1967. It was included on the Magical Mystery Tour EP and album, and presented in the Magical Mystery Tour film, with a promotional sequence shot near Nice, in ...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:59:28
309. "Revolution 9" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Revolution 9" is an experimental recording which appeared on The Beatles' 1968 self-titled LP release (known as the White Album). The recording began as an extended ending to the album version of "Revolution", to which were added vocal and music sound clips, tape loops, and sound effects influen...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:56:21
310. "Come Together" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Come Together" is a song by the rock band The Beatles written primarily by John Lennon and credited to Lennon/McCartney. The song is the lead-off track on The Beatles' September 1969 album Abbey Road. One month later it also appeared as one of the sides of the group's twenty-first single (it was...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:54:36
311. "A Hard Day's Night" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"A Hard Day's Night" is a 1964 hit song written by John Lennon and credited (as were most of their songs) to Lennon/McCartney, performed by English band The Beatles and produced by George Martin. It was released on the movie soundtrack of the same name. It was later released as a single, with "I ...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:53:23
312. "Help!" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Help!" is a song by The Beatles that served as the title song for both the album Help! and the film Help!. It was also released as a single, and was #1 for three weeks in both the UK and USA. "Help!" was written primarily by John Lennon, but credited as usual to Lennon/McCartney. Paul McCartney ...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:51:53
313. Burt Bacharach Video Showcase
Burt Bacharach, born May 12, 1928 in Kansas City, Missouri, is an award-winning American pianist and composer. He is best known for his many pop hits from 1962-70, with lyrics written by Hal David, many of which were recorded by Dionne Warwick. As of 2006, Bacharach had written a total of 70 Top ...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:47:31
314. "The Long And Winding Road" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"The Long and Winding Road" is a ballad written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon/McCartney) that originally appeared on The Beatles' album Let It Be. It became The Beatles' last #1 song in the United States on 13 June 1970. While the released version of the song was very successful, the post...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:17:49
315. "Nowhere Man" By The Beatles Video Showcase
"Nowhere Man" is a song by British 1960s rock group The Beatles, from their hit album Rubber Soul (in the U.S. on the Yesterday ... and Today album). Though the songwriting credit is Lennon-McCartney, it was actually penned almost entirely by John Lennon. (Paul McCartney helped to "polish off the...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:16:40
316. "Room For Squares" - album by John Mayer Video Showcase
Room for Squares is the first major-label album by John Mayer, released commercially on September 18, 2001. All songs from the album were written by Mayer; however, three of the songs, "No Such Thing", "Neon", and "Love Song For No One", were all co-written with Clay Cook, with whom Mayer had a d...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:15:21
317. "Heavier Things" - album by John Mayer Video Showcase
Heavier Things is the second major label studio album by singer-songwriter/guitarist John Mayer, released in 2003. Since his successful debut album, 2001's Room for Squares, Mayer had gained popularity as a creative and thoughtful songwriter, and this characteristic shines through on Heavier Thin...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:14:15
318. Barenaked Ladies Are Men Video Showcase
Barenaked Ladies Are Men (sometimes abbreviated BLAMen or Are Men) is the eleventh full-length album by Barenaked Ladies, and the second half of the 29-song session that bore the album Barenaked Ladies Are Me. The two albums (or at least their material) were released together under the Are Me tit...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:13:11
319. Born On A Pirate Ship Video Showcase
Born on a Pirate Ship (sometimes abbreviated BOAPS) was the third full-length album by Barenaked Ladies. Its well-known tracks are "Shoe Box", "The Old Apartment", "When I Fall" and "Break Your Heart." "The Old Apartment" would become BNL's first US hit in 1997 and began the process of winning ma...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:12:02
320. "Desperado" By The Eagles Video Showcase
"Desperado" is a song by the rock-country band Eagles, written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley. It first appeared on the 1973 album Desperado, and has later appeared on numerous compilation albums. Accompanied by Glenn Frey on piano, the lead vocalist, Don Henley, begs the subject of the song, a "de...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:06:58
321. "One Of These Nights" By The Eagles Video Showcase
"One of These Nights" is a song written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey and recorded by the American rock band Eagles. The title track off of their One of These Nights album, the song became their second single to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also helped propel the album to number one. The si...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:05:43
322. Fleetwood Mac Video Showcase
Fleetwood Mac are an influential and commercially successful rock band formed in 1967, who have had high turnover of personnel and varied levels of success. From the band's inception through the end of 1974, no incarnation of Fleetwood Mac lasted as much as two years. The only member who has been...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:04:20
323. George Dalaras Video Showcase
George Dalaras (29 September 1949 ), also possibly spelled as Yorgos or Giorgos Ntalaras, is one of the most renowned contemporary Greek singers. He is of international fame and has recently been selected as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency. He was born in Nea Kokinia, Piraeus. His...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:00:48
324. Nana Mouskouri Video Showcase
Nana Mouskouri, born as Ioanna Mouskouri on October 13, 1934, in Chania, Crete, Greece, is a singer of Greek origin. She was known as Nana to her friends and family as a child. She has recorded in many different languages, including Greek, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, among others. ...
Music - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 02:58:55
325. Lev Yashin Video Showcase
Lev Ivanovich Yashin (October 22, 1929 March 20, 1990) was a Russian Soviet football goalkeeper, known for his supreme athleticism in goal, imposing stature (he was 1.89 m, 6' 3") and amazing reflex saves. He was voted the best goalkeeper of the 20th century by the IFFHS. Yashin was born in Mosc...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 02:51:17
326. Eva Pern Video Showcase
María Eva Duarte de Perón (May 7, 1919 July 26, 1952) was the second wife of Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón (18951974) and the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. She is often referred to as simply Eva Perón, or by the affectionate Spanish language diminutive Evita...
culture-and-society - Wed, 30 Jan 2008 00:36:30
327. Diego Maradona Video Showcase
Diego Armando Maradona (born October 30, 1960) is an Argentine former footballer. He played in four World Cups and received the people's choice FIFA Player of the Century award, after being voted in 2000 in an international public poll on the organisation's website to decide the best player of th...
sports-and-recreation - Wed, 30 Jan 2008 00:32:32
328. George Best Video Showcase
George Best (22 May 1946 25 November 2005) was a Northern Irish football player best known for his years with Manchester United. He was a winger whose game combined pace, acceleration, balance, two-footedness, goalscoring and the ability to beat defenders. In 1968, his annus mirabilis, he won th...
sports-and-recreation - Wed, 30 Jan 2008 00:21:41
329. Dino Zoff Video Showcase
Dino Zoff (born February 28, 1942) is an Italian former football goalkeeper and is the oldest winner ever of the World Cup, which he earned as captain of the Italian team in the 1982 tournament in Spain, at the age of 40. Zoff was a goalkeeper of outstanding ability and has a place in the history...
sports-and-recreation - Wed, 30 Jan 2008 00:18:19
330. Sherman Hu
Sherman Hu was born and raised in Singapore and now lives in Vancouver, BC. Besides his search engine marketing expertise, Sherman's main focus is as a veteran blogger and podcaster. He launched his own search engine marketing firm in 2002, after working with Cory Rudl and having been mentored by...
internet - Sat, 29 Mar 2008 00:14:20
331. Abbey Road
Abbey Road - a rather quiet street in London was immortalized by The Beatles who were recording their albums at the studios located on that street (Abbey Road Studios, a recording studio complex owned by the EMI company). But maybe even more people associate that street name with the title of las...
Music - Thu, 14 Feb 2008 03:29:03
332. Gordon Lightfoot Video Showcase
Gordon Lightfoot is a Canadian singer and songwriter who achieved international success in folk, country, rock, and popular music. His songs have been recorded by some of the world's most successful recording artists, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan. Over the course of his car...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:55:53
333. Roy Clark Video Showcase
Roy Linwood Clark (born 15 April 1933, Meherrin, Virginia) is a versatile and well-known country music musician and performer. He is best known for hosting one of the first nationally televised country variety shows in the United States, Hee Haw from 1969 - 1992. Clark has been an iconic figure i...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:42:19
334. Calamary's Weekly Top 10 iTunes Downloads
Let's have some fun - please vote for this week Top 10 iTunes Downloads (Oct. 8 - 14, 2007). Do you like Timbaland? Then give him the nod. Didn't like what Britney did to their kids? Then punish her! Can't wait for new stuff from Feist? Give her your vote... Let's see who will be the most popular...
Music - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:54:59
335. Tom T. Hall Video Showcase
Tom T. Hall (born May 25, 1936 in Olive Hill, Kentucky) is an American country balladeer, songwriter, and country singer. He has written 11 #1 Hits, with 26 more that hit the Top 10. As a teenager, Hall put together a band called the Kentucky Travelers that performed before movies for a traveling...
Music - Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:37:29
336. Underground Training Lab - Live Coaching By Marketing Guru Jeff Johnson
Have you ever wondered from whom did the online marketing champions like Mike Filsaime, John Reese, Jeff Walker, or Yanik Silver learned their craft? Well, they all admit that Jeff Johnson is their confidant... So, who is Jeff Johnson? This Michigan maverick marketer doesn't seek a lot of atten...
internet - Mon, 02 Feb 2009 01:13:05
337. Bicycle touring
Bicycle touring is a leisure travel activity which involves touring, exploring or sightseeing by bicycle. Bicycle tourism can be likened to backpacking on a bicycle. [Wikipedia definition] Photo author: hen power from flickr.com
travel-and-places - Fri, 29 Feb 2008 03:11:14
338. Cultural tourism
Cultural tourism also known as culture tourism is concerned with a country or region's culture, especially its arts. It generally focuses on traditional communities who have diverse customs, unique form of art and distinct social practices, which basically distinguishes it from other types/forms ...
travel-and-places - Fri, 12 Jul 2013 20:52:25
339. Bluetooth Headset Video Showcase
Are you looking for Bluetooth headsets? Scroll down and find interesting offers.
computers-and-electronics - Sat, 26 Mar 2011 21:49:31
340. Used GPS
Are you looking for a Used GPS? This site is made for you! Scroll down and choose what suits you best! Photo author: rusci from flickr.com
computers-and-electronics - Sat, 26 Mar 2011 21:39:24
341. Puma soccer shoes
PUMA AG Rudolf Dassler Sport (PUMA) (FWB: PUMG) is a large German-based multinational company that produces high-end athletic shoes and other sportswear. The company is perhaps best known for its soccer shoes and has sponsored such international soccer stars as Pelé, Johan Cruijff, Enzo Francesco...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 04 Mar 2011 02:11:31
342. Jon Anderson
Jon was most successful when he was member of the duo "Jon & Vangelis" - with the Greek musician Vangelis.
Music - Mon, 10 Jan 2011 02:04:36
343. Basia Trzetrzelewska
Basia Trzetrzelewska - known as Basia.
Music - Fri, 31 Dec 2010 21:41:36
344. Extreme tourism
"An Extreme Tourist is someone who explores, experiences and totally immerses themselves in their travel destination - mind, body and soul." It's a definition provided by Extreme Tourist the independent traveler's web community devoted to active travel, adventure and eco tourism. The Wikipedia ad...
travel-and-places - Fri, 31 Dec 2010 21:26:54
345. Naked hiking
Naked hiking is a modern form of social nudity or naturism. It involves clothes-free walking and jogging in the mountains, forests and fields. It's most popular in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. The following Declaration of Nakedness from the Nacktiv website (based in Germany) desc...
travel-and-places - Fri, 28 Mar 2008 23:57:50
346. Hemp T-shirts Video Showcase
Hemp is the common name for plants of the genus Cannabis, although the term is often used to refer only to Cannabis strains cultivated for industrial (non-drug) use. Hemp is cultivated virtually everywhere in the world except for the United States, and its cultivation in western countries is grow...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:26:00
347. G String Video Showcase
A G-string (alternatively gee-string or gee string) is a type of thong, a narrow piece of cloth, leather, or plastic that covers or holds the genitals, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips, worn as swimwear or underwear by both men and women. The two terms G-stri...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 03:07:38
348. Lingerie Video Showcase
No doubt, during the coming months lingerie will be one of the most popular, most hot buying items and according to Wikipedia it is for three reasons. In other words, women buy lingerie for three major purposes: "to alter their shape (first with corsets and later with girdles or bras), for reason...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:46:23
349. Ilona Staller Video Showcase
Ilona Staller (complete name Anna Ilona Staller or credited as originally named, Anna Elena Staller, 26 November 1951), also known by her stage name Cicciolina, is an Hungarian born Italian porn-star turned politician and the first hardcore performer in the world to be elected to a democratic par...
Entertainment - Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:20:08
350. Steven Page And His "Page One" Album
This lens is about Steven Page. Great guy, talented musician and showman. One of the best on the Canadian music scene. He was a "founding member" of Barenaked Ladies...
Music - Fri, 31 Dec 2010 21:52:09

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