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1. Israeli Music - Folk Music and Songs
Israeli Music - Folk Music and Songs
Israeli music are coming much more from a mediterranean.The earliest composers of Israeli folk music were influenced by the sounds of the Arab music the "muzika mizrahit" combines eastern and western elements: the ensemble includes middle eastern instruments, such as the oud, the kanun, the Arabi...
Music - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 22:24:32
2. Baby Monitors - Semmer Infant
Baby Monitors With Video : Summer Infant - Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor model number: 2644 General info: The monitor runs on three AA rechargeable batteries, are included. The included batteries are 2000 mah Ni-MH that require an initial charge of 12-16 hours . The camera doesn't accept...
parenting-and-kids - Sat, 09 Jul 2011 08:58:47
3. Care of an Eczema baby: Some Tips
Eczema is a skin disease, which is characterized by dry, itchy and scaly skin. Additionally it is characterized by reddening, swelling of the affected area and cracking. Though, it is not contagious, the affected area may bleed or ooze pus at times. Eczema baby is a rare case where the scalp, for...
healthy-living - Tue, 19 Jul 2011 14:38:01
4. Precious Memories by Creating a Footprint Baby Photo Frame
Precious Memories by Creating a Footprint  Baby Photo Frame
Gifts can sometimes be a difficult choice depending on the occasion. One gift, which is always welcomed, is a Picture Frame., if you're like most people you probably have more than a few photos stuck that are waiting on frames . A Baby Photo Frame Is Not Just a Shower Gift. Baby showers aren't th...
Parenting & Kids - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 22:24:21
5. Romantic Weekend Getaways
Some of the most romantic weekend getaways exist in the most populated destinations in the US. Here are a few to consider. I'll Take Manhattan.You can spend a fabulous weekend in New York City and stay either at the Marriott Hotel on Broadway, for example, which is right near the Theatre Distric...
travel-and-places - Sat, 16 Jul 2011 23:23:22
6. Rekindle The Romance With Nature - The Great Outdoors For Couples
How about getting out and communing with nature on your vacation? Not feeling it yet? You can turn an outdoor adventure into a romantic rendezvous. Roughing it can be fun, and romantic! How can camping be romantic? If you and your partner have a love of the outdoors, spending a few days in a ten...
travel-and-places - Sat, 16 Jul 2011 23:21:36
7. Time for a Family Road Trip!
Deciding on a family road trip can be a daunting challenge, not to mention an exercise in patience. However if you prepare ahead of time, the trip can be one of the most memorable experiences of your family's life. Here are some quick and easy tips for making your family road trip a fun and safe...
travel-and-places - Sat, 16 Jul 2011 23:19:06
8. Family Camping Fun
While getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is one of the reasons families choose to go camping, for kids - it's the ultimate adventure. If you are planning a family camping trip this summer, here are some tips that will ensure your vacation is both a safe and fun experience. ** P...
travel-and-places - Sat, 16 Jul 2011 23:18:07
9. Best Family Beach Vacations- US Destinations
The best beaches can be found along the Atlantic and Pacific Coast. Here are a few ideas you may wish to consider for your next family beach vacation. Florida From Ft. Lauderdale to Miami Beach, Florida is a prime resort area for family vacations. With perfect weather and miles and miles of beac...
travel-and-places - Sat, 16 Jul 2011 23:14:21
10. How to clean with vinegar
With dogs : * A dog to stop scratching behind the ears - use a cloth soaked in vinegar diluted in water * The disable unpleasant smell of dogs - dog shampooed hair with vinegar and then rinse with water. With car : Polishing the car - the car rub vigorously with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Clea...
healthy-living - Wed, 13 Jul 2011 23:37:13
11. fisher price - toys for little people
K4562 Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym model helps and encouraging healthy development and also stimulates growing babies with lights, music, nature sounds and games.20 minutes of parent-activated continuous music; baby mode with 8 to 12 seconds of lights and music. the fish...
parenting-and-kids - Wed, 13 Jul 2011 12:56:52
12. Fur real Friends
Hasbro FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot Introducing the talking parrot .The bird that wants to be heard! Talking Parrot is so Cute your Child will love him!!! We ordered one for my sister's little son and he was hysterically with this for hours. When Squawkers McCaw talks and repeats it's ...
parenting-and-kids - Wed, 13 Jul 2011 10:07:08
The Lion King (Disney Special Platinum Edition) All the power and majesty of THE LION KING return in this final volume of THE LION KING trilogy! This Special Edition features an all-new vibrant picture presentation from the digital master two-disc presentation of the popular sequel delivers a be...
parenting-and-kids - Wed, 13 Jul 2011 10:04:00
14. The popular medical tourism destinations
What is Medical Tourism ? Technically, the term means traveling across any international border for a medical procedure.This could mean a special fertility procedure for a hopeful couple in Mexico or a doctor's check-up and prescription in Singapore. Procedures that used to be done at home are n...
travel-and-places - Wed, 13 Jul 2011 02:01:08
15. Dry eyes causes
There are many factors that can be attributed to dry eyes cause and it can be the result of many aspects, including environmental reasons, use of contact lenses, aging, and visual disorder caused genetically. If you are having some problems with regards to your vision, it is practical to visit yo...
healthy-living - Mon, 11 Jul 2011 11:16:21
16. Effects of GERD Reflux and Its Treatment
Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) or gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GORD) or simply, gastric reflux disease, can be defined as a medical condition that causes mucosal damage from abnormal stomach reflux. The acidic juices produced by the stomach to digest the food are mixed with it and d...
healthy-living - Mon, 11 Jul 2011 11:14:16
17. The Causes of Cataracts Eyes
Older people with ages ranging from 60 and above, have higher probability in acquiring cataract eye that can impair their ocular ability temporarily or permanently. Old age is largely attributed to this particular eye disease, but many do not know that cataract can be acquired from many varying f...
healthy-living - Mon, 11 Jul 2011 11:12:28
18. Best BaBy Carriers for your child
Baby Carrier Moby wrap are a natural way for your newborn to feel safe and sheltered from the world going on around him. As your newborn grows, a Baby Carrier provides an ideal place to stimulate your baby's senses without overwhelming him - he can experience new people and places securely - wrap...
parenting-and-kids - Sat, 09 Jul 2011 15:11:54
19. Babies cribs - from a standard crib to a regular day bed
Graco Lauren Classic Crib: Graco Lauren Classic Crib, White Crib Baby - graco looks amazing, versatile and beautiful, the Lauren Convertible Crib is sure to provide years of beauty and function. Simple yet elegant in style, this crib Baby features stationary side rails for a safe sleeping envir...
parenting-and-kids - Sat, 09 Jul 2011 14:47:24
Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 model number: 8J00MTX Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat, Matrix Most parents takes much time to decide the true car seat for their baby as we go into detail of Graco Nautilus 3-in-1, it will be interesting to see the unique outlooks of parents when it comes to buying baby car...
parenting-and-kids - Sat, 09 Jul 2011 14:38:08
21. Allergy Eyes: Basic Symptoms and Causes
If your eyes always get itchy and irritated and show visible redness around them, then it can be the result of certain allergens that get directly in contact with your eyes. If your eyes have been exposed to smoke or you have been staring in front of your computer monitors for longer durations w...
healthy-living - Fri, 08 Jul 2011 23:37:39
22. Homeopathic Cure for Eczema
Eczema or dermatitis are two synonymous terms which refer to the inflammation of skin or the upper epidermal layer of the body which include dryness or frequent skin rashes. There are several reasons responsible for this type of skin irritation such as redness, swelling, dryness, blistering, and ...
healthy-living - Fri, 08 Jul 2011 23:29:15

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