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1. Christmas 2012 Ideas for Teen Boys
Christmas 2012 Ideas for Teen Boys
It can be hard and even stressful to buy Christmas Gifts for teen boys! There are so many different things out there and it's hard to know which is the right gift to get for a growing boy! I even have problems finding gifts for my family. I can't imagine how hard it is to buy for teen boys! Lucki...
Gift Guide - Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:32:26
2. Top 10 Romantic Ideas For Her
Top 10 Romantic Ideas For Her
We all have that special someone in our lives, and there is no better feeling than to think of romantic ideas for her to bring a smile to her face. Unfortunately after a few times around the block, we start to run out of ideas. The good news is there...
Relationships & Family - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 08:43:02
3. Best Non Stick Frying Pan
Best Non Stick Frying Pan
Every cook knows that finding the best non stick frying pan is essential to making great food and reducing the time it takes to clean up. With cooking great food comes the need for high quality cookware, and that includes a great frying pan that you can cook anything on without the worries of sti...
Food & Cooking - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 08:45:30
4. How To Solve A Rubix Cube
How To Solve A Rubix Cube
Looking for more information and special information about the Rubix Cube? You can learn everything on the Rubik's Cube page, but what if I told you that you could learn how to solve a Rubix cube in an hour? Crazy, huh? You may find it hard to believe, but here's why. There have always been begin...
Hobbies, Games & Toys - Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:36:40
5. Narnia Series Review
Narnia Series Review
Since 1956, The Chronicles of Narnia have been around for years for the minds of the young and old, and they have never disappointed the expectations of those who read them in their entirety. Surprisingly, some have never heard of these books before, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read them....
Books, Poetry & Writing - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 08:43:32
6. Valentines Day Gifts For Her
Valentines Day Gifts For Her
If you're looking for something romantic to do for Valentine's Day, Top 10 Romantic Ideas For Her has some great dates that you can use. This is a question we all have to ask ourselves when Valentine's Day comes around, but spend more time wondering than we should. It's always difficult to figur...
Holidays & Celebrations - Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:33:37
7. Valentines Day For Kids - Gift and Card Ideas
Valentines Day For Kids - Gift and Card Ideas
If you're wanting to do something romantic for your girl, here are the Top 10 Romantic Ideas For Her. Hooray!! Valentine's Day is around the corner! The day that you get to show someone how much you love them, the day you get to tell everyone your feelings, the day we celebrate love; but what ab...
Holidays & Celebrations - Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:35:14
8. The Life of an Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix
Just a few months ago, I met my wonderful owner who loves me very much, and he spends as much time with me as he can (if he's not finishing up a college paper or going to work)! As most of you may know, I'm an Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix and I can be quite a handful if my owner doesn't ...
pets-and-animals - Fri, 29 Mar 2013 01:55:21

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