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1. Visa Information
Visa Information
Enjoy international travel? If you do, you know how important visas are. The visa information below will provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about travel visas. Whether you are new to international travel or are a seasoned traveler, the facts below will help you to become bette...
Travel & Places - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 13:25:18
2. Tourist Attractions in Russia
Tourist Attractions in Russia
The unprecedented Kremlin, the radiant St Petersburg, many cities and towns with fascinating architecture and histories. A land as diverse as its people this is Russia. A traveling experience you will never forget, soaked in history and controversy, virtue and excellence, class and elegance, nat...
Travel & Places - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 17:53:42
3. Ukraine Travel Guide
Ukraine Travel Guide
The Ukraine often doesn't get all the publicity it deserves. Many people just think of it as one of those satellite states of the former Soviet Union before the collapse. But its history is much richer than that. Did you know that during the eleventh century, Kyiv found itself the largest city i...
Travel & Places - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 17:56:17
4. Replacing a Lost Passport
Replacing a Lost Passport
Losing a passport is a real drag. I know. I've been there. Worse, yet, is that it usually happens when you need your travel document the most. Rarely do people discover their passports are missing unless they have an imminent international trip or find themselves in a foreign country preparing to...
Travel & Places - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 17:54:10
5. How to Expedite Your U.S. Passport
How to Expedite Your U.S. Passport
Over 13 million United States passports were issued in 2012. That includes both passport books and passport cards. What many Americans do not realize is that it can take up to 6 weeks or more to get a passport application processed. It is possible to get the passport expedited in less time. In fa...
Travel & Places - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 20:03:13
6. Taiwan Tourist Attractions & Travel Tips
Taiwan Tourist Attractions & Travel Tips
The beauty of Taiwan enamored the Portuguese when they arrived on the island in 1544. They referred to it as Ilha Formosa or Beautiful Island. Though small (about the size of Holland), there is much to be enjoyed on a vacation to Taiwan. Taiwan's rich history can be traced back at least 30,000 y...
Travel & Places - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 17:52:01
7. Shanghai China
Shanghai China
Shanghai China is known as the Paris of the Orient. If you have been to Shanghai or plan to visit the city, you should enjoy this lens filled with Shanghai videos, pictures, travel guides, facts, tips, articles, news, tours, maps and more. There are also videos and photos of some of the most popu...
Travel & Places - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 17:53:50
8. Leather Passport Accessories
Leather Passport Accessories
There are several different kinds of leather passport accessories but they all have the same purpose: protect your travel document. Damaged passport must be replaced. The minimum cost for adults is $110. Fees can run into several hundreds of dollars if you have to have the process expedited in or...
Travel & Places - Thu, 11 Sep 2014 17:53:29

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