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1. Rock Bros Art
Rock Bros Art
Chris and Steve Rocks represent a unique phenomenon in the world of fine art. Twin brothers who were born only seven minutes apart, they have created an extraordinary artistic partnership, due to a closeness and understanding that is beyond the imagination of most of us. They have worked together...
Arts & Design - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:28:02
2. Duncan Macgregor Art-for-Sale
Duncan Macgregor Art-for-Sale
We have been supplying Duncan's great artwork for a number of years now and he is always working on new ways of producing his innovative art on different media. We have many of Duncan's work in stock and can also supply if temporarily out of stock, a lot of his work sells out from the art...
Arts & Design - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:24:11
3. Art by D.Mac
Art by D.Mac
This is some of the great artwork by Duncan Macgregor that we have for sale. Here at www.nichegallery.co.uk we think highly of Duncan's artwork, so much so that we have produced a second page to highlight some of his work, we hope you like it as much as we do.
Arts & Design - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:31:23
4. We sell Art we Love
We sell Art we Love
This is some of the great collection of artwork we have for sale at our shop and at our online store, yes we sell the art we love, as much as we would like to keep it all for ourself's we have a real business to run, also would not have enough walls to hang all of our fantastic artwork. Our ...
Arts & Design - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 15:37:53
5. Ben Payne's Art
We are delighted to say that we carry a range of Ben Payne's glorious artwork, all the artwork is backed up with a certificate of authority, and is for sale through our online shop, at www.nichegallery.co.uk where further details and online secure payment can be taken, or it can be purchased on s...
arts-and-design - Sat, 20 Nov 2010 20:14:06
6. Free Web-Traffic
Is it possible, this lens is here to tell you yes, very possible, just imagine what the possibilities of one million plus more visitors could do for your website or your squidoo lens. All you need to do is follow some very easy steps that are laid out here for you, it really is pretty simple even...
internet - Fri, 12 Mar 2010 20:06:37
7. Artwork for sale
First off we have a great Artist called Ben Payne. Bright and breezy artwork to brighten up any room, why leave that wall bare. this one is called "Ocean view" Keep checking back to see all of our new artwork for sale, thank you and we hope you are finding this give's a good taster of what we hav...
arts-and-design - Sun, 03 Jan 2010 19:08:20
8. Shop
Hello and welcome to the page that is going to tell you all about our small family run independent retail shop (Yes it's a Real Shop) located in the historical old town of South Queensferry 6-7 High Street, just outside Edinburgh Scotland. We are right beside the old Harbour and the town is right...
arts-and-design - Sun, 03 Jan 2010 19:06:30
9. Darren Baker Art
Darrens artwork is so realistic you have to look twice to confirm that it is not a photogragh. Further enquiries can be made to Sales at Niche Gallery
arts-and-design - Sun, 03 Jan 2010 18:52:53
10. Doug Hyde Art
Doug Hyde art is very collectable and we have his Art and Sculptures for sale.Contact us at our website for prices, availability and shipping costs.www.nichegallery.co.uk
arts-and-design - Mon, 21 Dec 2009 20:42:13
11. Art for Sale
Art for Sale
Hello and welcome as we show you 10 of our favourite Scottish Artist's, some are well known and some are perhaps not so well known. We hope you enjoy, and explore further. In our Shop/Gallery a painting is worth a thousand words. All artwork can be purchased at www.nichegallery.co.uk
Arts & Design - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:24:12
12. Jonathan Shaw Artwork
To enquire about availability, price and shipping visit www.nichegallery.co.uk In our humble opinion a painting is worth a thousand words!
arts-and-design - Sun, 03 Jan 2010 18:55:55
13. Peter Wilemans Artwork
Peter's large-scale compositions have a painterly quality derived from the apparent vigour of the brushstrokes and the impression of spontaneous creativity, which make them both dramatic and uplifting. His paintings stand out amonst his "Peers" and adorne many walls. Peter was born in 1946 in Mid...
arts-and-design - Wed, 30 Dec 2009 18:33:18
14. Sherree Valentine Daines
We sell artwork by S.V.Daines, fantastic art as shown on the BBC morning programme.As a help to you we have produced the following "art terminology".Art Jargon can be very baffling here are a few definitions that can help you, decide the art work most suited to your needs.Giclées: - Giclée printi...
arts-and-design - Mon, 21 Dec 2009 19:40:11
15. Art by Perez
Here we feature artwork for sale by Fabian Perez.Fabian is now a very well known Internationaly famous Artist, who has also been selected as the Official Artist for the 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2012 Olympics.His work is now very, very collectable. We have some fantastic Fabian Perez limited ...
arts-and-design - Fri, 22 Jan 2010 20:30:09

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