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1. Bathing Suit Cover Ups For Your Body Type
Bathing Suit Cover Ups For Your Body Type
As summer approaches, it is time to pull out your swim suits, flip flops, and other pool side gear. If you are like most women, the thought of flaunting your stuff in a swim suit this summer makes you feel a little queasy. You just need to find the perfect cover up for your body. Everybody can fi...
Sports & Recreation - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 20:22:58
2. Ski Pant Basics
Dressing properly for skiing means dressing in layers that will work to keep you dry, warm and protected under a variety of conditions. When you layer, you can take off or put on pieces as needed, allowing you to be prepared for fast changing winter weather conditions or tailor what you're wearin...
sports-and-recreation - Wed, 07 Sep 2011 21:32:02
3. Buying The Right Skis For You
When life was simple and skiers wore stretch pants or jeans to ski in, we only had to choose between three basic types of skis, all based on racing. However, now that we are enjoying the engineering marvels of the shaped ski, the focus of ski design has become more complex. Before you buy skis, ...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 04 Aug 2011 14:21:37
4. Hats - Keep Your Head Warm
During winter, ski hats are mainly for protecting your head and ears from the freezing temperature while you're out skiing on the slopes. The fun part of wearing them is that they come in so many designs that look great on you while providing you with the comfort and protection you need. A lot of...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 26 May 2011 21:16:24
5. Spyder Ski Jackets For Women Review
In the realm of performance, everything counts. For 30 years, Spyder has focused on every detail in engineering superior skiwear, scrutinizing the subtleties that make every discipline - every athlete - unique. Renowned for integrating high-tech fabrics, fashion and functionality, they are obsess...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 06 May 2011 15:03:04
6. Dress For Skiing
When it comes to figuring out what to wear on the slopes, the most important thing to consider is being able to move easily as you take the black diamonds or blue lines! To me, puffy jackets just get in the way of crisp, clean turns. Thin and warm layers are important and there are some great bre...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 22 Apr 2011 16:58:44
7. Headwear and Neckwarmers For Skiing
On cold days, you'll lose a reported 40% of your heat from your head, so it's important to keep it covered. You also want to protect your skin from the cold and wind, and also prevent frostbite and chapping. During winter, ski hats are mainly for protecting your head and ears from the freezing te...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 07 Apr 2011 12:46:19
8. Ski Gloves Basics
It's important to stay warm during the cold seasons of fall and winter. One of the most important piece of clothing we buy are gloves. Aside from our head, we lose most of our body heat through our hands. Gloves help keep blood flowing through our hands and prevent them from getting frostbite. So...
sports-and-recreation - Fri, 25 Mar 2011 16:50:03
9. Spyder Leader Insulated Ski Jacket
If you're on the first chair and always the first down the slopes, the Leader Jacket was designed with you in mind. The Spyder Leader Ski Jacket is at the front of the pack every year. The Leader is an insulated jacket made with exceptional-quality fabric that performs in all weather conditions, ...
sports-and-recreation - Tue, 15 Mar 2011 19:47:55
10. Hot Chillys Long Underwear Review
Hot Chillys blend all of a great day on the mountain or along the coast to create their culture and a mix of fun and performance for all your outdoor pursuits. Hot Chillys is based on the central coast of California but its roots stretch to every mountain peak and all the way to the tip of Baja, ...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 10 Mar 2011 18:29:22
11. All About The North Face Oso Jacket
Ridiculously comfortable, this full zip jacket is made with silken fleece; a luxuriously cozy fleece that makes even the softest bunny fur feel a bit rough. Abrasion-resistant taffeta panels cover the shoulders, aiding in this hoodie's durability. Two sleek hand pockets provide space to stash you...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 03 Mar 2011 16:58:06
12. The North Face Osito Jacket is the softest fleece for the Female Explorer
The Women`s Osito Jacket by North Face offers extraordinary comfort and warmth in its high loft interior. This durable zip-up fleece jacket is a standard fit, which means it can comfortably be worn over a tee or a long sleeve thermal.
sports-and-recreation - Wed, 23 Feb 2011 20:08:09
13. Under Armour Base Layers
Keeping athletes warm, dry, and light is the idea. Your base layers should be comprised of wool or synthetic fibers with excellent moisture wicking properties. Believe it or not, you will sweat while your out skiing for a day and staying dry is the majority of the battle. Companies like Under Arm...
sports-and-recreation - Wed, 23 Feb 2011 18:17:34

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