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1. Bipolar Junction Circuit (BJT) Ideas
Bipolar Junction Circuit (BJT) Ideas
Transistors are my most favorite and most used electrical components. I can only a handful of projects that I have built which did not require the use of one of these devices. The most common types of transistors are Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) and Field Effect Transistor (FET). The BJT con...
Computers & Electronics - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 06:24:31
2. LED Dimmer Using PWM
LED Dimmer Using PWM
The easiest way with which to control the brightness of a LED lighting system is through the use of a variable resistor but as easy and straight forward as this solution is, it is rather wasteful because of the heat generated by the resistor. A more efficient way to control the brightness is thro...
Hobbies, Games & Toys - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:12:23
3. Simple Multifunction Signal Generator
Simple Multifunction Signal Generator
A Multifunction Generator can be used to generate different waveforms. These waveforms can be used for the analysis of circuits or in project designs. Some projects which I have built require at some point the use of square, triangular and sine waves. In such instances what I did was to incorpora...
Hobbies, Games & Toys - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:11:48
4. Quick Introduction to Relays
Quick Introduction to Relays
A Relay can be described as an electrically controlled switch. The most common relays make use of electromagnetism to control a switch mechanism but there are other types that employ a different system. These devices make it possible to control a large amount of voltage or current with a very sma...
Hobbies, Games & Toys - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:05:18
5. Direct Current Electric Motor Control Circuits
Direct Current Electric Motor Control Circuits
I use DC motors quite often for my projects for different purposes. I use them a lot for cooling those components which get very hot and under which circumstance the use of a heat sink will be impractical. Apart from these there a lot places where the use of these sort of device is indispensable....
Computers & Electronics - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 06:14:23
6. Pulse Width Modulator Project
Pulse Width Modulator Project
Pulse width modulation is a method which is used to conform the width or duration of a pulse by means of a modulating signal. This system basically converts an analogue modulating signal into a digital signal. This technique is a used for a variety of activities such as Class -D audio Amplifiers,...
Computers & Electronics - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 06:11:40
7. Automatic Overheating and Over-cooling Controller
Automatic Overheating and Over-cooling Controller
Consider a situation whereby you are using a fan to cool a confined space. After a period of time, the space may have been cooled down to the point when further cooling may not be required again. Running the fan afterwards will only be a waste of energy and resources. Also if we were heating a sp...
Hobbies, Games & Toys - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:12:24
8. Alternating Current Induction Motors and Capacitors
Alternating Current Induction Motors and Capacitors
In certain kinds of alternating current electric motors, the electric current flowing through the rotor which is needed to produce torque is generated by electromagnetic induction due to the magnetic field of the stator windings. This kind of ac motor is referred to as an Induction or Asynchronou...
Computers & Electronics - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 06:21:31
9. Double Pole Double Throw Relay Aplication
Double Pole Double Throw Relay Aplication
The term "DPDT relay" represents Double Pole double Throw Relay. It can be viewed basically as two separate single pole double throw (SPDT) relays built into one package. DPDT relays are capable of routing two different circuits, being able to connect each of the two inputs to one out of two outp...
Computers & Electronics - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 06:11:44
10. Simple Transient voltage suppressors
Simple Transient voltage suppressors
A Transient voltage suppressor (TVS) is a device or combination of devices which are used to suppress the effects of a sudden rise in voltage. Generally any component that has inductance such as relays, electric motors, inductors, transformers etc. will generate a sudden high voltage spike when t...
Computers & Electronics - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:43:26

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