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1. Surgery Recovery Gift Ideas
Surgery Recovery Gift Ideas
The knowledge that a friend, loved one or co-worker is going into or has just come out of surgery can make you to give them additional support and attention. As a family member, friend, or acquaintance, you want to express your concern and your love during this difficult time. Just being there f...
Healthy Living - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:23:34
2. How Long Does it Take to Recover from Back Surgery
How Long Does it Take to Recover from Back Surgery
Back surgery - whether "open" or "minimally invasive" - will change your life. Back surgery can be a much-needed event in your life that brings innumerable benefits. At the same time, the surgery itself is a significant event and must be approach with a large amount of care and respect. The rec...
Healthy Living - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:27:27
3. What To Expect After Inguinal Hernia Surgery
What To Expect After Inguinal Hernia Surgery
An inguinal hernia is a lump or protrusion in the groin that occurs when a part of your intestines actually pushes through a weak spot in the wall of your abdomen. This type of hernia is most common in boys and men - but anyone can experience one. It can be present and visible at birth, but more...
Education - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 15:14:45
4. A Surgery Companion for Faster Recovery
A Surgery Companion for Faster Recovery
Surgery is one of the most physically taxing and demanding experiences that we can put our bodies through. Of course, the goal of a surgery is to make us healthier. We want to look better, feel better, be more disease-free, or have a new body - so we undergo surgery. But just because it is for o...
Healthy Living - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 15:16:21
5. What Can I Expect After Bunion Surgery?
What Can I Expect After Bunion Surgery?
Bunions are not pretty! A bunion is a deformity of the bones and join where the big toe connects to the foot. It is the result of the enlargement of the bone and tissue around the joint at the base of the big toe. Bunions are usually visible to the naked eye and does not require a specialist to...
Healthy Living - Fri, 12 Sep 2014 15:14:57
6. Gastric Bypass Surgery Recovery
Gastric Bypass Surgery Recovery
Gastric bypass surgery - a form of bariatric surgery - is a form of weight loss surgery that has literally been a lifesaver for tens of thousands of people around the world. When drastic weight loss is required in order to avoid serious health issues, this type of surgery is the best (and sometim...
Healthy Living - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:24:55
7. 5 Great Things About Die Cut Business Cards
Die-cutting is a manufacturing process that is used to make large numbers of the same shape from a wide variety of materials such as paper, wood or plastic. Much like a cookie cutter, sharp blades are bent into a desired shape which then cut through many layers of your chosen material. These shap...
business-and-work - Tue, 27 Mar 2012 00:02:40

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