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1. Best Travel BCDs for Scuba Diving
Best Travel BCDs for Scuba Diving
There are a number of great travel BCDs on the market today as well as some that don't quite cut the mustard. What are your must haves in a travel BCD, what are the nice to haves and what is it that you definitely do not want? The following provides a brief review of five great travel BCDs that a...
Sports & Recreation - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 05:52:00
2. Best Waterproof Point and Shoot Camera
Best Waterproof Point and Shoot Camera
There are many "rugged" point and shoot cameras on the market today making the buying decision sometimes difficult. There are many questions to consider such as Which camera has the best waterproof rating? Which camera has the best picture? Which camera has the best video? In terms of underwater ...
Computers & Electronics - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 05:53:29
3. Best Scuba Diving Regulators for 2013
Best Scuba Diving Regulators for 2013
What are the best choices for diving regulators in 2013? What regulators are rated highly but are still fairly economical? What is the best diving regulator for my type of diving? These may be some of the many questions you think about when looking into a new regulator for scuba diving. The good ...
Sports & Recreation - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 05:53:13
4. Best Dive Computer Watches
Best Dive Computer Watches
How to choose the best watch dive computer can be challenging given the variety and capabilities of dive watches that are currently availble. This market has changed a good bit since Suunto introduced the first wireless and hoseless watch dive computer in 2005. Since that time there have been a n...
Sports & Recreation - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 18:03:47
5. Underwater Digital Images
Underwater Digital Images
Photographs that allow the viewer to "get into the image" to live and experience the moment vicariously through images that highlight the beauty and fragility of our environment. I have spent over 30 years traveling globally and creating images of Europe, Africa, South America, North America and...
Arts & Design - Sat, 13 Sep 2014 01:33:32
6. Scuba Diving Fins
If you are like most divers, your fins are NOT the least important part of your gear. Fins in many cases can make or break a dive. So what are the best fins for diving? This is a question I do get from a lot of recreational divers. The answer depends upon several different aspects, such as: - How...
sports-and-recreation - Sat, 19 Oct 2013 22:35:50
7. Best Snorkeling Gear
First of all what gear do you need for snorkeling? The basic components include fins, mask and snorkel along with optional gear such as rash guards, boots (may be needed for some fins), light if you are snorkeling at night or in areas that have a lot of crevices in the coral or rock formations, f...
sports-and-recreation - Thu, 24 Oct 2013 16:43:31
8. Shipwrecks
When someone thinks of a shipwreck, there are typically thoughts of exploration, mystery, danger, excitement and perhaps a bit of awe. Shipwrecks have captured the imagination of scuba divers around the world every since the underwater world became accessible to the general public. Though most wr...
sports-and-recreation - Sun, 25 Aug 2013 06:04:58
9. Caribbean Best Wreck Dive - USS Kittiwake
What will you find when you round the next bulkhead? It could be a large grouper, a white-tipped reef shark, angelfish, or many, many others. The USS Kittiwake USS Kittiwake was reefed three years ago in Grand Cayman and continues to age very well and is certainly one of, if not the most popular ...
sports-and-recreation - Wed, 14 Aug 2013 14:19:32
10. Best Camera Bag for 2013
What is the Right Camera Bag? Have you ever stood in front of the myriad of Camera Bags available thinking which one is really best for you? Maybe a backpack or perhaps you like to carry lots of gear so perhaps a rolling bag and then a smaller bag for carrying specific gear to your location? Or ...
arts-and-design - Mon, 12 Aug 2013 17:20:34

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