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1. Sushi the Goldfish
Sushi the Goldfish
Sushi is a Fancy Oranda Goldfish that you see in the picture to the left. I got Sushi on March 9th, and I estimate Sushi to be about two months old because he is less than 2 inches long. If you would like, you can keep up on Sushi's life at my "...
Pets & Animals - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 13:22:28
2. My Goldfish Blog
Hi! My name's Corey, and on this page I'll keep updates on my experiences raising my Oranda goldifish, Sushi, and my Ryukin, Sashimi. If you find that Sushi and Sashimi are beautiful, or you are intrigued to learn more about the different breeds of goldfish, then you may want to read my page abou...
pets-and-animals - Thu, 21 Mar 2013 02:04:03
3. Types of Goldfish
It comes as a surprise to many people that goldfish comes in many different types! The various types have been bred over hundreds of years in China, Japan, the UK, and the US to take on different characteristics. They tend to be divided into two large groups: common and fancy. Common goldfish can...
pets-and-animals - Sat, 16 Mar 2013 18:00:37
4. Five Great Fish for Your First Aquarium
Trying to decide which fish to keep in your aquarium? This list of the five best fish for your first aquarium discusses why they're great for you and what you should be aware of in keeping them. Does your opinion differ? Do you agree? Other thoughts on the topic? Do share it in the comments!
pets-and-animals - Sat, 16 Mar 2013 17:17:01
5. 3.14 Best Fish for your Aquarium
It's Pi day and I'm celebrating the occasion with a list of the 3.14 best fish for your aquarium! Okay, I do have to give you a whole number, so I'll round it down to three of the best species of fish to keep in an aquarium. I have chosen these fish for their popularity, their behavior, and the ...
pets-and-animals - Thu, 14 Mar 2013 15:08:43
6. How to set up a Goldfish Aquarium
So you just bought a goldfish or are planning to get one. Before you bring your new friend home, it's important to ensure his or her home is set up and ready! If you aren't sure you want a goldfish yet, you can read my continuously updated page about my ongoing experience with keeping my goldfish...
pets-and-animals - Wed, 13 Mar 2013 16:55:17

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