The fact that casino roulette, physical or virtual, is a game of chance does not imply that there are not a series of strategies to take advantage, succeed and win good money in it. The truth is that everyone wants to have their roulette tricks.

Every game has its tactics, and this one does not escape from them. Here we will show you a series of strategies to win in this great entertainment:

The James Bond tactic

It is so called because it was devised by Fleming himself, yes, the writer of James Bond. The famous novelist claimed that his strategy was foolproof. It is one of the lesser known roulette tricks, but certainly very interesting.

Of course, to do it you must have good money. 200 euros at least. It consists of betting 140 euros on the “pass” (that is: on the numbers 19 to 36), another 50 euros on the double street from 13 to 18, and the remaining 10 euros on zero.

If the ball on the roulette wheel marks any digit from 19 to 36, you will have won 80 euros. If, on the other hand, it falls between the numbers that go from 13 to 18, you will win 100 euros, and if the ball deigns to land right at zero, you will have won 160 euros. Doesn’t sound bad at all, huh?

The Martingale strategy

The Martingale is considered one of the best known roulette tactics, a classic.

It is simple to carry out, you only have to choose even, or odd; or red or black, and double the bet if you lose. According to statistics, at some point something must happen, what is lost is won and recovered.

The reversed Martingale strategy

This tactic is practically the opposite of the previous one. If after betting you win, then double the bet in the next round. If on the contrary: when playing, you lose, then bet half on the next turn.

It’s basically about taking advantage of the streak you have at the moment. If you are happy: you will duplicate; if you’re upset: you’ll lose less at every opportunity Do not stop trying this wild card in your game when playing, it is one of the best roulette strategies.

The D’Alembert strategy

This tactic is named after its inventor: Jean Le Rond DÀlembert, a French mathematician. It is just a form of the Martingale, but with a lower loss rate. That is, if you lose, instead of doubling the bet, you raise one euro. And so at every opportunity.

The tactic against D’Alembert

This strategy is a reverse to D’Alembert’s proposal, that is to say: when you win, you increase one euro in the next bet, and when you lose, you decrease one euro. It also takes advantage of the streak that is carried, as in the reverse Martingale.