Although modern BlackJack has its origins in France, the history behind the card lot is much older and dates back to the 9th century in China, where there are traces that involve members of the Tang Dynasty playing cards. The cards used at that time were of various sizes and were divided into four suits with symbols representing power, to which numerical hierarchy was added later. You can try the blackjack in Malaysia online casino.

In the fourteenth century the batch of letters reached Europe, probably through traveling and merchant tribes returning from the East. The card game spread throughout the continent and over the years, the four suits known today as well as representative figures of royalty, were consolidated.

Game Development

The game is wonderfully simple. The bettors (minimum one, maximum six) compete against the casino to obtain a combination of cards that added together, results in “21” (BlackJack). The crutier is in charge of dealing the first two cards to the players. They have the option of asking (tapping the table with the index and middle fingers) or standing (making a sign with the hand). The first to get the sum “21” wins the game with a 2: 1 payout. On the contrary, if the sum of the cards is greater than “21”, you lose immediately. Whoever gets a BlackJack with the first two cards, wins with amount 3: 1. In case the crutier and a player get “21”, it is called a tie and the player receives their initial bet back.

Card Value

Cards “2” to “10” have the value marked on them, regardless of the suit to which they belong or the order in which they appear. Jack, Queen and King cards have a respective value of “10”. The “Ace” is the only card with double value (“1” or “11”), which is defined by the player, depending on her strategy. In this way an “Ace” and a “2” as starting cards could add up to “13” or “3”, at the discretion of the participant, who will decide whether to hit more cards or stand.

The House Against The Player

At the start of each game, players bet the desired amount. The first card is dealt from left to right and lastly theHow to play Blackjack? | Blackjack Rules | Casino777 Blog croutier, all of which are revealed. The second card is dealt to the players in the same order, except the crutier, who does not receive a second card. In case the sum of both cards per player is less than “21”, the bettor decides whether to continue hitting or not. From left to right, each participant has his turn and the crutier awards cards according to the wishes of each one, leaving himself the last. The crutier must deal cards until he reaches the minimum score of “17”, BlackJack or exceeds “21” and thus lose the round.

How To Choose Where To Play Blackjack

To choose a place to bet “21”, it is essential to define what type of player you are and how deep your knowledge is. Casinos, both face-to-face and online, offer several variants of the Blackjack, for example:

  • Double exposure: The dealer’s cards are visible to the players.
  • Exchange: Each player bets on two hands in parallel and is allowed to exchange cards between them.
  • Progressive: There is a parallel Jackpot, where the player can bet and win an extra amount in each game.
  • Variant with surrender: Allows the player to recover half of her bet upon surrender, after considering that she does not have a great chance of winning the round.